Comparison in the Thief of Joy

In business, hell, in life in general, it is all to easy to start comparing yourself to someone you think is doing it better. In appreciating that someone is doing something well, it is all to easy to start thinking you are somehow failing.

Recently I have read some pieces about what is dubbed “the scarcity mindset or mentality”. In a nutshell it is the belief that there will never be enough for everyone, whether we are talking about money, food, business…. This way of thinking keeps you operating competitively, and being reactive rather than proactive, and sometimes resentful of others success as you believe that it takes opportunity from you.

The opposite of this is the abundance mindset: the ability to look at things optimisticly, be genuinely happy for others successes as the central belief is there is enough for everyone. How can we keep ourselves thinking abundantly in business?

What sparked the idea of this blog was a conversation I heard recently about a business doing some market research on some local competitors. The business that had been unknowingly “researched” was angry, outraged and questioning the other business’ integrity.


The assumption was that the business who was doing the research was being lazy; trying to see how the other business quoted rather than do the hard yards themselves….Perhaps because they didn’t have the skill level to do it themselves….

Many years ago, I had something similar happen to me. A ‘customer’ came in for a wedding quote. We spent time going through her theme, making suggestions as to what would be in season, what would be beautiful and how we could create the aesthetic that she was after.

Needless to say, this quote never became a booking…although we never really knew why. Some time later I then went on to run the company that had ‘researched’ us. I went through a series of files from the research they had conducted. It was not an attempt to ‘steal’ our quoting formula, or our consultation technique,  it instead looked at all the things we did well, and the things they felt were lacking in our meetings. It did the same for each of the businesses that had been observed. It felt thorough, and impartial.


Truthfully, I think this is smart business. While many businesses would be up in arms that they had their time wasted on a job that would never come to fruition, perhaps it is those businesses that would most benefit from conducting some research of their own.

You need to know what your competition does well….not so you can emulate it,  but so you can better understand your target customer. You can also take a moment to appreciate the things that you are doing well, and congratulate your team on what they are excelling at. Let’s face it, each business has its own strengths and weaknesses, and someone will choose to book with you based on what you offer to them that appeals. By the same token, they will choose not to book with you should someone’s style, business approach and pricing etc appeal to them more. This is where it is hard not to feel criticised, but really, you cannot please everyone. Find your niche, and do you, well.

They say that ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. Businesses are as different as a Rose is to a tulip. Comparing the two, and expecting the same from both, is pointless.

I know that we appreciate our customers, and the loyalty they show to our family business. We don’t do everything, we can’t….but we try to do what we do, well.

Thanks for your support as always 😉

Fwf x

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The Basic Etiquette for Sympathy Flowers Delivery for Beginners

image of a White Sympathy Sheaf by Florist with Flowers

What type of flowers do you send to a loved one who recently passed away? This might be the first question that comes into mind when it comes to funeral flowers.


When choosing what kind of flowers to send as a sign of sympathy and unity, it is important to be aware of important funeral flowers etiquette. There is a set of rules that shoppers like you need to comply when sending flowers to a viewing, burial or to the home of bereaved family members.


In this post, we will enumerate some of the rules when selecting flower arrangements for a bereaved friend or family member. Etiquette focuses on utmost consideration with our emotions and that of others. To make your feeling of sympathy feel genuine to recipients here are things you should never forget:



  • Know the difference between sympathy and funeral flowers


Funeral flowers are floral arrangements that you send to a funeral or memorial event.


The destination of sympathy flowers is always the home of bereaved family members.



  • The type of flower arrangement will depend on your association with the deceased


Your relationship with the deceased also dictates the type of flower arrangement that you should have delivered, too.


Casket sprays are usually purchased by the living spouse or an immediate family member. The spray is installed on top of the casket as tribute. Inside casket flower arrangements are also purchased by spouses and family members for the deceased.


If a relative or a close friend passed away, the types of flower arrangements that you can have delivered are funeral flowers with stand, wall spray, centerpiece arrangements, and sympathy flowers.


If the deceased is an acquaintance, the types of flower arrangements that you can have delivered are wall sprays, centerpiece arrangements, flowering plants, a bouquet of cut flowers.



  • Consider the religious affiliation of the deceased 


The style of funeral flowers and sympathy flowers should also be considered based on the religious affiliation of the bereaved. Here are a few guidelines:

  • White is an ideal colour of flowers for funeral arrangements if you are going to have them delivered to the deceased with Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox Christian affiliations.
  • If you are going to send sympathy flowers and standing wreaths for a deceased person and his or her family that are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, avoid sending flower arrangements with crucifixes.
  • For a Buddhist loved one or friend who passed on, you may send any type of flower arrangement, but do avoid sending sympathy flowers or wreaths that are red in colour.


To check our more etiquette and tips when sending flowers at funerals, give us a call now on 02 98711666 today.

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Tips to Remember when Choosing Birthday Flowers Delivery

Image of Graceful Lily Bouquet by Florist with Flowers

It is true that sending flowers to a loved one on his or her birthday is not the most unique gift, but it is a traditional gesture to show them your love and care. The vibrant hues of petals and the elegant arrangement will surely make them smile on their special day. But if the idea of sending flowers to a loved one, family members or friends just dawned on you recently, you are most likely clueless as to which flowers to send a birthday celebrant.


This article will serve as a guide on how to pick the perfect flower arrangements for special people in your life during their birthdays!



  •  Birth month corresponds to specific flower varieties



Different types of flowers are associated with the 12 months of the year. Find out which flowers apply under the birth month of the recipient. You may ask the florist for this information or you may check out the short guide below:


January – Carnation

February- Primrose and Violet

March- Jonquil and Daffodil

April- Sweet Pea and Daisy

May- Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

June- Honeysuckle and Rose

July- Water Lily and Larkspur

August- Poppy and Gladiolas

September- Morning Glory and Aster

October- Cosmos and Calendula

November- Chrysanthemum

December- Holly and Narcissus



  • Find out their favourite flowers



Knowing what flowers your recipients like will take the guesswork out of ordering a flower arrangement. By taking the preferences of your recipient into account, you are guaranteed to further brighten the day of your loved one.


How can I send flowers for birthdays?


You can get in touch with a reputable florist in your community. An experienced florist may also assist you in coming up with a unique flower arrangement based on your budget, preference or that of the birthday celebrant.


Call us now for unique and memorable flower arrangements today! You may reach us on            02 9871 1666 today.


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Flower Delivery Sydney: A Short and Brief Guide

image of a Gorgeous Baby collections - newborn gift ideas

Using a flower delivery service is a convenient way to gift flowers to loved ones and make them feel special. The elegance, love, and beauty of flower bouquets will make her blush and feel loved whatever the occasion is. Whether you are planning to send a gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, a flower bouquet delivered through a flower delivery service will make your loved one feel special.


But where can you order fast and efficient flower delivery in Sydney?


Here are some options to consider:

  • Conduct an online search


A Google search will help you find several florists who offer flower delivery services in Sydney CBD for minimal fee. There are even florists offering same-day delivery free of charge. Pick a flower delivery service that can offer flexible delivery schedules. You may request to have the flowers delivered the same day or ahead of time. Pre-planning flower delivery not only saves you time, but also ensures that the flowers will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep at the perfect time.



  • Choose a local flower delivery company


Support Sydney-based florists as they offer the same quality blooms and artistic arrangements for different occasions. Choosing local suppliers over nationwide flower delivery companies also guarantees that flowers are delivered on time in Sydney.



  • Always order in advance


Although there are florists that accept same-day delivery requests, it’s always best to book the delivery 3 to 4 days in advance. This is especially important to remember during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the graduation season. The florist may have a sufficient stock of flower bouquets and arrangements during high-demand days, but may not be able to organise prompt delivery of flowers because of other deliveries already scheduled during these busy periods.

By ordering in advance, the flower delivery company will have enough time to map out their logistics during peak seasons.
To learn more about flower delivery services in Sydney or if you wish to purchase flowers, give us a call on 02 9871 1666 today.

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How to Pick Flower Bouquets in Sydney for First-Time Senders

image of a Gorgeous native bouquet by florist with flowers

Most men are completely clueless when it comes to buying flowers from a flower bouquet delivery service in Sydney. Choosing the perfect flower bouquet to a woman can be quite a challenging task.

This brief and concise guide will help you simplify the job of picking flowers for first-time senders.



  • Learn something about her


The getting-to-know phase when dating will give you an idea on what type of flowers a woman likes. Some women may tell you that they don’t like flowers, but surprising them with a bouquet is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that will definitely be appreciated. If she is allergic to pollen or to strong scents, you may want to consider sending other gift items instead.

Ask her about her favourite colours. This will make it easier for you to pick flowers when ordering online. Analysing her personality will also help you in picking a flower arrangement that she will most likely appreciate.



  • What message do you want to convey?


Sending flowers is a way to communicate a clear message to the recipient. The message that you want to convey will also help narrow down your flower selection!

Are you sending flowers to a colleague to convey gratefulness on a professional level? Or are you trying to send a signal to a woman you’re dating that you love them? Sending flowers in neutral colours such as white and yellow are more appropriate to convey a message of appreciation. On the other hand, sending a dozen red roses to a lady is a clear message of love and affection.



  • Get professional help for best results


If you really want to impress your loved one, or if you simply want her to have a sweet surprise on her special day, seek the help of the best flower bouquet company in Sydney. There are several florists spread across Sydney, but only a handful can deliver fresh and affordable flower bouquet arrangements. Take your time on researching and choose the company who have positive feedback from customers.
Why not surprise someone with flowers that will make her day and think of you, too! Order a flower bouquet from us today and we will delivery same day or anytime you wish to. You may reach us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Top 3 Corporate Flowers Sydney Buying Tips

image of a corporate flower arrabgement by Florist with Flowers

One of the easiest and sweetest ways to convey your love to significant people in your life is by sending them flower bouquets and arrangements. Whether you are saying thanks to a friend for hosting a successful event, wishing your best friend a happy birthday, or showing your significant other your love, sending flowers is the perfect way to convey your feelings to them.

To make the task of flower giving is less intimidating for the uninitiated, we have enumerated some tips on how to send flowers This will be especially beneficial to corporate staff who are tasked to send out flower bouquets and arrangements to clients, partners, suppliers, and other corporate entities.



  • Go big or go home


If you are sending out corporate flowers to potential clients, choose high-value flowers. Pick a flower variety that lasts for a long time and can travel better than others. An excellent flower option for corporate flowers are roses as petals can travel well without bruising. Delicate flowers such as lilies and daisies should be handled with more care. A seasoned florist will be able to provide you with floral arrangement ideas that will help the flowers last longer after delivery.



  • Less is more


When ordering corporate event flowers, make sure to limit the colour choices to 3 shades at most. This is especially true if you are ordering small flower arrangements or bouquets. If you want to add more colours to an arrangement, consider ordering medium to large flower arrangements.



  • Fill in moderation


Fillers refer to plants or ornaments that complement that flowers in an arrangement or bouquet. They usually come in white or green shades and are perfect accompaniments of brightly-coloured blooms or those with large petals. To ensure that your corporate bouquet will look elegant, do not overcrowd the arrangement with too many fillers.

For more tips on how to create the perfect arrangement for a corporate event or for you office, give us a call now on 02 9871 1666 today.

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