The 3 Most Popular Ways to Arrange Sympathy Flowers in Sydney

Image of a sympathy flower arrangement

The loss of a loved one is a deeply saddening event for family and friends of the departed. As a relative or friend of those who are grieving, you express your condolences and sympathy to make them feel they aren’t alone during this difficult time. One great way to express sympathy is by sending flowers to grieving friends and family.

An elegant and beautiful flower arrangement or plant carries the power of expressing sympathy when words fail. If this is the first time you’re sending of sympathy or funeral flowers, you may be wondering about the most appropriate flower or plant types to send to a funeral home and his or her family members and friends. In this post, we will discuss the most popular sympathy flower and plant arrangements in Sydney.



  • Floral Baskets


Funeral baskets present lovely flowers in a compact basket or box. They can be delivered to a funeral home, wake viewing, church religious service or to the home of the grieving family.

A classic flower for a funeral basket arrangement is the lily. Lilies are go-to funeral and sympathy flowers as the aromatic fragrance reminds us that the soul of a loved ones has finally returned to a peaceful state of innocence. It also symbolises purity, virginity and radiance of the human soul.



  • Standing Sprays


Standing sprays are typically displayed on an easel and are commonly showcased near the casket. Funeral sprays are sympathy floral arrangements that can be sent to a funeral home but may also be delivered to the church for religious ceremonies and the graveyard for final burial rites.

An impressive flower arrangement can include standing sprays are roses. Roses as sympathy flowers connote many things. White roses symbolise purity and spirituality. Red roses connote love and grief. Finally, yellow roses are given to grieving friends to express friendship during this difficult time.



  • Wreaths


Wreaths are large, prominent flower arrangements that are used to show sympathy, too. The circular shape of the wreath symbolises eternal life. These sympathy flowers are usually placed near the casket allowing viewing from one side only.

An excellent flower to include on a wreath is the orchid. This plant is a special gift that you can give if you are a close family friend or relative of the deceased. They last longer, hence it can be displayed for longer funerals and viewing.
If you want to order sympathy flowers, we have the freshest and most beautiful arrangements in Sydney. If you have any enquiries, please give us a call on 02 9871  1666 today.

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A Brief Guide When Sending New Baby Flowers to Sydney Homes

image of Lovely infant foot with little white daisy in mothers hands

The sweetest way to congratulate a couple who recently welcomed a newborn into the world is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can add balloons, a fresh basket of fruits and snacks to make your gift a truly memorable one for the new family.

Showing support to a couple with a newborn is important. The responsibilities of parenthood for first-time parents can be a bit overwhelming. Expressing love and care to new parents will make the journey more exciting for them, knowing that family and friends are always there for needed support.

Sending new baby flowers and gifts are excellent gifts of encouragement. The vibrant colours and fresh scents of flowers lighten up the mood and bring an overall positive vibe to the home.


In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about sending new baby flowers to parents.


When should you send flowers?

Since nobody knows for sure when a newborn will be delivered, it isn’t possible to place an order in advance for the mum and dad of newborn and you will need to opt for same-day delivery of new baby flowers and gifts.

Another good suggestion is to wait for the mother and her newborn to arrive at their home before sending flowers. In this way, parents have less things to transport from the hospital to their home. Lastly, choosing to send flowers to a home address gives you the chance to place an order in advance.


What types of flowers are best for new baby flower bouquets and floral arrangements?

Before sending flowers, it’s best to confirm the gender of the newborn. Identifying the gender will help you decide on which flowers to include in a bouquet or flower arrangement. If you are uncertain or the parents have not disclosed the gender of the newborn, you may opt to send flowers in neutral tones.

Pink, purple, and pastel hues are good colour selections for new baby girl bouquets. Popular flowers available in these colours are roses, lilies, tulips and carnations. For new baby boy flowers, flowers in blue and yellow hues are excellent colour options. Flowers available in these hues are freesia, iris, statice, and delphinium.
To learn more about new baby flowers and gifts same day delivery or if you have other enquiries, feel free to call us on 02 9871 1666 today.


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The 3 Most Popular Christmas Flowers to Display in Sydney

Image of stunningfower arrangement on a fish bowl for Christmas

Flowers and greenery are must-haves around the holidays. They add colour, vibrancy, and cheer to your home during the most wonderful time of the year! The importance of having Christmas flowers and plants on display is most often underestimated, but these natural beauties add splendid holiday decor to any Sydney home.

In this post, we have summarised the five best flowers that will keep your home look and feel warm and cosy during the holidays and beyond.



  • Poinsettias


Poinsettias are synonymous with the Christmas season. When ordering flower arrangements with poinsettias, make sure to choose those with little yellow flowers at the centre. The little flowers indicate freshness. Do not buy poinsettias with shedding pollen. If the yellow flowers have dropped off at the centre, it connotes that the flowers are past their prime and will not last for a very long time.



  • Amaryllis


Amaryllis look stunning as Christmas flower arrangements. You can give them height for a more brilliant aesthetic finish. Your Christmas bouquet or floral arrangement doesn’t have to be all about flowers. You can add popular Christmas decor, such as striped candy canes to add that holiday feel. Combining red and burgundy amaryllis are excellent due to their vibrant hues and playful textures.



  • Christmas Cactus


Christmas cacti are excellent and unique Christmas flowers that you can send to friends and family. If you want to veer away from the traditional poinsettias, this is the best way to go. Christmas cacti are resilient plants that can certainly last beyond Christmas. With utmost care, they can be a staple at the recipient’s home for many years to come.
Placing an advance order for Christmas flowers and plants as well as floral arrangements is a must during this busy season. To make sure that your fresh and vibrant gifts arrive on time, it’s best to call in your order as early as today! You may reach us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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A Few Shoppers Tips for Christmas Flower Delivery in Sydney

Gift of Joy Christmas Flowers, Image by Florist With Flowers

Besides the grand Christmas tree, flowers are an important item for decorating your home during the holiday season. With this in mind, it is important to identify flowers which are the best to showcase in your home during Christmas or flowers that you can give as gifts, too. Just like any other occasion, flower decorations for Christmas brighten up the home and add that joyous spirit to the festivities.


In this article, we will enumerate the seasonal flowers that are popular during Christmas. 



  • Poinsettia


Poinsettia is undoubtedly the Queen of all Christmas blooms. The plant is a bestseller during holidays as it is used as décor in homes and gifts when attending parties. Its’ long, vibrant red petals is definitely a must-have when decorating a centrepiece for your Christmas spread.



  • Roses


White roses perfectly complement the warm and cozy vibe of the Yuletide season. They are elegant, simple, and sweet flowers that perfectly match any type of Christmas décor that you may have set up at home.



  • Amaryllis and Winterberry


Red and green are must-have colours when decorating your home for Christmas. These flowers exude the unique and festive feel of Christmas.



  • Cymbidium


Cymbidium orchid is a flower that goes perfectly well with other Christmas flowers and decorations. It comes in various bright hues that can certainly uplift the mood inside your home when displayed as centrepiece for your dinner table.

Make sure to order your floral arrangements a few weeks in advance. Christmas is a busy time for floral shops in Sydney, so it’s important to request early on to avoid delays in delivering them to your home or to friends and family around Sydney.
To learn more about our upcoming Christmas flowering offerings, you may contact us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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The Top 4 Christmas Flowers Arrangement Ideas for 2019

Christmas Posy in a vase, Image by Florist with Flowers

Add a little excitement to your typical Christmas spread this 2019. Christmas floral arrangements don’t need to be all about the poinsettias. You can choose from a wide range of brightly-coloured red blooms to elegant white floral centrepieces, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for Christmas floral arrangements for a December wedding or arranging flowers for your Yuletide tablescape, here are 5 Christmas flowers exude the joy and cheers of this festive season.



  • Same shade, different blooms


Red is the ultimate colour of Christmas, hence should be your first pick when creating a simple and yet festive bouquet for loved ones. Flowers that are popular for their Christmassy vibe are dahlias, ranunculus, and scabiosa.



  • Christmas bouquet of abundance


If you are planning a December wedding, why not integrate the Christmas theme into your bouquet. A grand bouquet teeming with a variety of flowers and greens in Christmas hues will be a scene stealer when you walk down the aisle. Examples of flower selections for a Christmas-themed wedding bouquet are roses, ranunculus, amaranthus, and an assortment of decorative greens.



  • Love Pink


If you want to deviate from the traditional red hues of Christmas, it’s an excellent idea to mix pink tones and green for floral arrangements and table centrepieces. Great examples of pink flowers and greens for Christmas floral arrangements are kangaroo paws, red charm peony, minim cymbidiums , Douglas fir, and seeded eucalyptus.



  • Add Festive Hues of Citrus and Blush into The Holiday Mix


Hints of citrus and blush go together with traditional Christmas hues of red, white, and green. If you are arranging a grand centrepiece for your upcoming spread, consider including peach garden roses, hellebores, pieris Japonica, pink astilbe, burgundy amaranthus, maidenhair fern, jasmine vine, and Ivanhoe grevillea to set and uplift the mood for you and your loved ones.
Want to learn about your upcoming Christmas flower delivery promos? Contact us directly on 02 9871 1666 for orders and enquiries.

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A Brief Guide to Choosing Christmas Flowers for Sydney Friends and Family

Spirit of Christmas Red Flowers arranged in Garden Tin, Image by Florist With Flowers

According to research conducted by Rutgers University, New Jersey, flowers as a gift item evokes happiness for all who receive them. Although not as expensive as a designer bag or fancy as a trip around the world, a bouquet of flowers is considered one of the sweetest gifts a man or woman receives during the Yuletide season.


Christmas is right around the corner. And if you are still looking for the best Christmas gift you can give your loved one, look no further as we give you tips on flower gift giving this joyous season.



  • For that someone who has everything


It can be very tricky to come up with a gift for loved ones who have everything. We all have those friends and family members who usually treats themselves or has impeccable taste that is beyond our budget. Also, there are also people who simply don’t need more stuff in their homes. Requesting a Christmas flower delivery to be made straight to their Sydney home will be the perfect gift. Sending them a bunch of red roses or a potted Orchid will surely uplift their mood or further brighten their home during the festive season.



  • Go Green on Christmas


Instead of decorating your home with plastic Christmas-themed flowers and plants, why not choose locally-grown flora and greens. Supporting florists who source their offerings from local farms using sustainable farming techniques is simply the best way to go. Poinsettia may not be locally grown in Australia around the Christmas season, but make sure to source them from the florists who buys their supply from Fairtrade growers abroad.



  • You can buy any type of flowers as Christmas gift


There is no right or wrong type of flower when sending to a loved one during the Yuletide season. You can definitely go ahead and have a non-Christmas seasonal flowers sent to your loved ones. But since florists anticipate a heavy demand for seasonal flowers during Christmas, it’s best to place your order in advance.


Choosing flower types that awaken the holiday spirit. Safe colour choices are whites, greens, and reds in classic holiday styles.
Want to learn about your upcoming Christmas flower delivery promos? Contact us directly on 02 9871 1666 for orders and enquiries.

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How to Pick the Right Sympathy Flowers in Sydney

image of Sympathy Sheaf by Florist with Flowers


If you are attending a funeral or have heard about the death of a loved one, one of the first things you need to do is buy sympathy or funeral flowers to express your feelings of loss as well as genuine love and care to those left behind.

Expressing sympathy with flowers is a lovely gesture that grieving family and loved ones will surely appreciate. In this article, we will give you fundamental pointers when choosing sympathy and/or flowers online.


Where do you send sympathy flowers?

Sympathy flowers are sent directly to a deceased person’s home. The family members are the primary recipients of sympathy flowers and show one’s sincere condolences of their recent loss. Unlike funeral flowers that come in big flower arrangements such as wreaths, sympathy flowers are small to medium-sized flower arrangements that come in vases. They can be displayed on tables or used as centrepieces.

You can send sympathy flowers following the death of a friend, relative, or acquaintance.


What types of flowers should you send to a funeral and a deceased’s home?

Various flower species can be used to create a tasteful and elegant sympathy flower arrangement. When expressing your condolences, you may choose from an assortment of flower varieties ranging from lilies, roses and carnations, and gladioli. Ideally, order small to medium-sized flower species when you request a florist to deliver flowers to a deceased person’s home.


Are there limitations when sending sympathy flowers to a funeral or a grieving family home?

Sombre flower arrangements are typically what people send to the bereaved family. But did you know that you can also pick blooms in bright and colourful hues to express your condolences? Colourful and vibrant sympathy flower arrangements are used to commemorate and celebrate the energy and love that a deceased has brought to friends, family and loved ones. They are just as appropriate as flowers in neutral or muted hues.
To learn more about how to arrange sympathy flowers for Sydney residents, browse our offerings here. For assistance, you may also call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Guide when Sending Birthday Flowers to Sydney Loved Ones

image of Bag of Birthday Wishes - Birthday Flowers


Gift shopping for a loved one’s upcoming birthday celebration can be very tricky. But if you want to make a birthday celebrant smile in pure delight, an elegant bouquet will do the trick.

For those who have no experience in ordering birthday flowers for delivery, here is a concise guide on how to order birthday flowers for loved ones.


· Birth Month Flowers

One great tip when choosing flowers for a birthday celebration is to pick flower varieties that are associated with an individual’s month of birth. Here is the list of flowers relating to different months of the year:


  • January- Carnation
  • February- Violet, Iris
  • March- Daffodil
  • April- Sweet Pea
  • May- Lily of the Valley
  • June- Honeysuckle
  • July- Larkspur
  • August- gladiolus
  • September- Aster
  • October- Marigold
  • November- Chrysanthemum
  • December- Poinsettia


You should ask the florist for the availability of flowers, as some flower species on the list may not be in bloom during certain times of the year.


· Choose Vibrant Flowers

Choose flower species that are known for their vibrant colours. A birthday is a celebration of life and the endless possibilities that the future holds for the celebrant. Also, bright flowers can help further brighten the mood of the celebrant in his or her special day.

Sunflowers, Irises, and Lilies are examples of colourful flowers that you can send not only to a loved one to family and friends, too!


· Consider the Celebrant’s Flower Faves

Take the birthday celebrant’s flower preferences into account. If you know his or her favourite blooms, it becomes rather easy to order a large bouquet from a reputable florist. If you are unsure about this information, you may ask the celebrant’s friends or family about it. It will be extra happy points to choose the celebrant’s favourite flower species in his or her favourite hues, too!

When choosing a birthday flower delivery online, do not forget to include a sincere and sweet birthday message along with your gift to make it extra special!
If you wish to check out our amazing flower arrangements and bouquet selection or order flowers, you may reach us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Here are Tips on How to Choose the Perfect New Baby Flowers in Sydney

image of Little Prince Baby Boy Gift Box


If you are sending flowers to commemorate the birth of a new baby, sending vibrant and cheerful flower arrangements is the best way to go. If you know someone who has recently delivered a newborn, sending the couple, or the mother a beautiful flower arrangement is an excellent way to express your congratulations and show genuine care for them and that of their baby.


Why should you send new baby flowers and gifts to mothers?

The recovery time of women after delivery varies on a case-to-case basis. While some mothers return to their normal routine in a few days, there are those, such as first-time mothers who may take a while before they fully recover. The presence of flowers in both cases helps in creating a relaxing and healing environment for mothers.

Colourful flower arrangements brighten a rather dull hospital room and uplift the mood of a mother recovering from a long and arduous labour. New baby flower delivery also celebrates the new roles that a couple assume as parents to their baby.


What flowers should I send for the successful delivery of a baby girl?


In the case of new baby flower delivery, florists will recommend choosing colours based on gender. For new baby girl flower delivery, choose blooms featuring feminine hues such as pink, purple, and yellow to name a few.

Examples of pink flowers are sweet Akito rose, stargazer lilies, cymbidium orchids, and lisianthus.


What flowers should I send for new baby boy delivery?

If we follow the gender-based colour scheme, flowers with masculine tones or notes are perfect for couples who just welcomed a new baby boy. Blue-coloured flowers such as freesia, thistles, hyacinth, and flox are blooms that you can send out the happy couple.


What other gifts should I send besides flowers?

Make sure to include a short but sweet message of congratulations to the couple or the mother. Other items that will surely be a delight to the recipients are balloons, chocolates, and sweets. These are great accompaniments to flowers and will surely be appreciated by their recipients.
If you wish to enquire about the new baby born flower arrangements available with us, call our direct line on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Occasions for Flower Delivery Sydney Services

image of a Beautiful woman with a gift of flowers smiling as she reads the accompanying card

Flowers to loved ones can be sent out on a number of occasions. You do not need to wait for a special occasion to request a flower delivery Sydney shop to send a bouquet of sweet nothings to someone you hold dear to your heart.

From Valentine’s Day, birthday, graduation day, wedding day, or any event that calls for a celebration, sending flowers is a sweet gesture of affection to family and friends.

The best flower delivery services in Sydney offers flowers for any occasion. It is the quickest and most effective way of making recipients feel happy.


Here are the best occasions to make use of flower delivery services for your loved ones who live in Sydney:

–      An elegant expression of love

Expressing love is not only limited to your partner. You can also send flowers to family members, friends, and people whom you genuinely care about and love. Sending them flowers shows the recipients how important they are in your life.


–      Brighten up someone’s gloomy day

Having flowers delivered at the doorstep of someone you care about; be it a loved one or a friend, is the perfect way to make them smile. If you noticed that a friend, a relative  or your partner is feeling lonely and sad, sending them a bouquet of fresh flowers will surely change their mood for the better.


–      The sweetest way to say “I’m sorry.”

Sending flowers is an excellent way of saying “I’m sorry” without uttering a single word. If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to apologise after a fight or misunderstanding, sending your loved one a bouquet of his or her favourite flowers will express your genuine intention of mending fences.


–      Show of sympathy for the bereaved and grieving

Online flower delivery services in Sydney offer sympathy flowers in all shapes and forms. If a friend or a relative has passed on, a comforting gesture is send the grieving family a bouquet at their home or a sympathy wreath at the chapel or viewing venue.


If you need help in choosing flower bouquets and arrangements for different types of occasions, give us a call today! You may reach us on 02 9871 1666.

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