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And here I was Thinking that ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’

Flooding the local press this week is the incredibly beautiful and oh-so-over the top wedding of Deputy Mayor Salim and his gorgeous bride Aysha, which reportedly cost anywhere between $1.2 million and  $2 million depending on what you believe.

Salim married his long-time love in an outrageously extravagant ceremony that saw his street in Lidcombe shut down for safety reasons, largely due to presence of 50 Harvey Davidsons, 4 helicopters, a luxury $2 million sportscar, 40 drummers and a seaplane fly by PLUS MORE.

Image via Instagram. Source: Iconic Films

When Mehajer was elected in September 2012, the millionaire property developer vowed to put “shine back on my beloved city, the city that made me who I am today”, and said he would “set the highest standards for progress, safety, cleanliness and a truly Australian harmony of cultures for other cities to follow”, the Auburn Review reported. Well, there was certainly a good dose of shine, sparkle and bling.

Ok, so yes, pretty much any woman in the world would be his with this phenomenal ring. Image via Instagram. Source: Iconic Films

The waterfront reception venue, Le Montage, in Lilyfield was booked exclusively for the 500 guest event with formal dining areas as well as ‘chill out’ areas for the bridal party and their guests. A fireworks display, a Swarovski encrusted Ferrari key, a bow tie with bling, a extravagant 10-tier cake dripping in decorations and flower arrangements rumoured to have been worth more then $150k using approximately 800,000 blooms. It was nothing short of a floral fantasy and saw florists working throughout the night.

Stunning roof installation of flowers literally dripping from the ceiling at Le Montage Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films. Flowers: Vesna Grasso Floral Design
Under the canopy of flowers Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films


Stunning Aysha in her World of Nektaria gown Image via Instagram Source Iconic Films
Aysha’s House was decorated in fresh flowers for her special day Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films Flowers Bloomsnmore
Bringing Shine to his City Image Via iconicfilms

Cheekily, he notified neighbours last Tuesday that their entire block at Frances St in Lidcombe would be closed off for the event, and that any vehicles left on the street would be towed at their expense, a claim Salim denies. The Newlywed says he obtained a permit from council to occupy the street, but that he could not be held responsible for the additional vehicles that then joined the wedding procession and caused the disruption to the traffic.

And so the chaos begins Image via Instagram Source: Iconic Films

The disturbance also saw a dozen local police officers called in to manage the dangerous traffic conditions and questions have been raised about whether Cr Mehajer broke the law. He denies any wrong doing, and told KISS FM;

“That was the aim — the aim was to make it the best and biggest wedding ever,” he said. “I don’t think we did anything wrong”.

The councillor had been tipping the event as the “wedding of the year” and was certainly satisfied with the result, after all it seems to have got EVERYONE talking! Now his sights are set on State politics, or Hollywood….I guess whatever opportunity presents itself to him first.

Image via Instagram. Source Iconic Films
Flowers at every angle! This certainly was a wedding of a lifetime. Can’t see too many people filling their reception with flowers like this! Image via Instagram Source; Iconic Films
The massive 10 tier cake . Image via instagram/iconicfilms

Look, if you have the money, you can spend it any way you like. But for me, marriage is about every day after the wedding, not the wedding day itself.

I’ll take my simple life any day. I can find joy in the smallest things and the smallest gestures. I don’t need the big public displays of affection, or the lavish events and that is probably a good thing, because my other half isn’t the type to give that or do that anyway. That is the beauty of love…..there is a perfect mate out there for everyone, and we are all looking for, wanting and needing something unique.

As long as they have both found what they are looking for, #Australiasbiggestwedding was a success, if not, it was just a really REALLY expensive party!

If you haven’t yet clapped eyes on the video you can watch it here:

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