An Open Letter to Our Customer- P.s We have our Fingers Crossed for You!

Being a florist is such a special position to be in. It is the most amazing viewing spot to many of life’s great events, and we cheer you on from the sidelines, never visible, but sometimes there helping to orchestrate special moments and make them magical.

Today’s blog is an open letter to a special customer we have encountered and worked with over the course of a few years, but having said that he is no different to many of our customers, who are loyal in their patronage and involve us in many special moments and elaborate plans to woo, to win, and to mourn loved ones. Thank you.


It was so good to see you again yesterday. You nerves were palpable and I kind of wished I could come along and lurk in a back room to help you pull off your beautifully romantic and elaborate proposal. 

I remember when you first came into the store some years ago, in the first throws of love, flushed and bubbling with excitement to buy this special someone flowers for the first time. I remember us standing in the shop perusing our full flower stand, looking for the right thing to ‘pop’ out for us as a starting point to create a bouquet that was romantic, but not cliche, and unique but not too ‘weird and wonderful’. Between the two of us we must have come up with something pretty special because I remember how appreciative she was when you first brought her in, and how she gushed that they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. Then again, you had chosen them for her, and you could see the look of love in that lady’s eyes early on.


Occasionally you used to bring your mother in to help you choose flowers for special occasions, which I thought was quite beautiful. It was nice to see the close bond you had with your mother and how you valued her opinion. In the beginning you looked to her for a lot more guidance, but slowly,  you pulled away and became more independent, choosing to come in alone and talk to me or one of the other staff about the occasion and what it was you had in mind to create. We saw the transition take place before our eyes, not in an instance, but you became a man ready to make your own way in life.

Yesterday was just like any other weekday for us. There were the weekly orders to create and install, a few deliveries, and at first I did not notice the large order for rose petals sitting at the top of my pile.  I didn’t even look at the name on the order, but set upon dutifully pulling the heads off the roses to prepare the bags of petals for collection.  When you walked in early, I was just finishing up, and that’s when i all clicked…..

OH MY GOD!!!! Were you proposing today???

Three years in, and happier than ever, you had devised this elaborate plan with the help of your best mate and his wife to distract her and entertain her all day whilst you created a scene so beautiful that it could have been from the movies.

We excitedly listened to the details you were happy to share, mindful that you had just described a dessert menu that required 5 hours preparation time, and that a qualified chef would find a challenge, so we worked quickly to get you back on your way.

You spoke so beautifully about her, about how darn smart she was, and how she never missed a thing….even the tiniest thing, like the size of the lunch you had packed, all as part of the charade you had going that morning as you got dressed ready for work so as not to arouse suspicion.

With your trolley literally filled with buckets of roses, petals and a gorgeous bouquet you walked off to collect the other essential elements to bring your vision to life.


The mood in the shop was uplifted, and excited and we babbled about what a beautiful couple you were, what an amazing proposal you had planned and how lucky she was to have a man who clearly valued her so much.

We are now standing by to hear the official announcement!!!

With Love and best wishes,

Fwf x

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