Alternatives to Flowers for Valentine’s Day? Who needs that!

Look around and you will see advertising for Valentine’s Day popping up everywhere. But when you look a little closer you may notice that some non- flower related businesses focus their efforts on ripping us down through their advertising in an attempt to prop themselves up. I don’t know about you, but I remember my parents always telling me that you really had to wonder about a person who had to make you feel bad in order to feel better about themselves, and in this case, I don’t think it is any different.

In an attempt to sell alternatives, some are stooping to putting up posters with wilted flowers. The message? Don’t buy flowers, they die….buy this instead… What I can’t wrap my head around is that surely no-one in their right mind expects flowers to last indefinitely, right?? Especially given that Valentine’s Day in Australia sits smack bang in the middle of the hottest month of Summer, subjected to heinously hot days, and balmy nights. For me, there is something beautifully romantic and almost a tad old fashioned (in a good way) about receiving a floral Valentine’s gift. It reminds us that life, and love, like all things in nature are beautiful, but fleeting. That you must enjoy these things, while they last.


Traditionally Valentines Day was a day in the year where you showered the object of your affection with gifts, particularly flowers and chocolates. These days, it seems everyone has a claim! Massages, hair vouchers, jewelry, a dinner date, lingerie, candles, champagne…the list goes on. Sure, it can be costly if you want to do it all, but you certainly don’t have to….and for many, Valentine’s day provides a special magical ‘unicorn’ of a day, where they can be somewhat different from the usual, providing an excuse for an ordinarily un-romantic person  to show a softer side. Perhaps this is the one day in the year where he/she decides to go all out and show you just how much you mean?!

I say why not hope for it all? Why can’t we be wined and dined and showered with all sorts of gifts? After all, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen everyday.


Being florists, our gift range focuses on floral gift ideas of course. Red roses are still considered the most popular choice, simply because they have always been associated with passionate long lasting love. However, if you are looking at making your gift a little more unique, we offer roses in a variety of colours as well as being able to create personalised selections of flowers for someone who likes something a little different. You can check out a selection of what we can do here.

We’ll have some more ideas coming in the next few weeks before the day arrives so you’ll have plenty of time to plan your gift ideas!

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