Floral Crown how to. Do it right, do it now, All hail the one with the Flroal Crown

All Hail the Queen: Floral Crowns.

It happens every few years, a trend emerges and gains so much popularity, that it literally takes over. The latest trend to take over is of course the Floral Crown.

Floral crown

These unique, bespoke pieces are all sorts of divine: gorgeousness so beautiful that they can stand alone as your sole accessory. Individually created, each piece can be made to complement or contrast your ensemble. Whether you choose you use silk or fresh flowers is up to you, but for me, nothing can compare to the look, and texture of fresh flowers, carefully constructed into a one of a kind piece that you will truly never see again. And that’s the beauty in nature isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you use the exact combination of flowers again, the weather will influence the colour and texture of blooms, and your two wild hands will put the arrangement together, expertly, and carefully, but never exactly the same.

Floral Crowns are certainly bohemian  and, until recent years they probably were used exclusively for more relaxed ceremonies, hippie-luxe weddings and events. With such broad scope to create almost anything imaginable though, more and more, the floral crowns are emerging throughout all style of weddings and special events, racing, and fashion.

What I love most is that I can embrace my inner flower child, or earth mother vibe. More than that though, I can create free form, whimsical pieces that focus more on individuality, gorgeous and different blooms, line, texture and design, rather than repetition, perfection and symmetry which is so often the case with most other floral arrangements.

Interestingly, hair circlets lost popularity a few years ago, but were often more rigid and stilted in appearance. The emergence of the floral crown also saw us embracing an altogether nostalgic trend favouring botanical drawings, retro and vintage vaseware and a preference for simplified, more natural arrangements.

Celebs and fashion houses are LOVING floral crowns too:

Lana Del Rey rocking a floral corwn
Sasha Pivovarova, chanel, model, russian, haute couture, runway, Via: Flowers of Youth
Fashion house Chanel has also been know to use floral crowns in their runway shows like this amazing monochromatic piece.
Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld Floral Runway
Thank you, @Claire Paul for this amazing find. If your prom dress is more Vivaldi than his "Spring" (from The Four Seasons) and more Prima Ballerina from Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," than a formal gown for a high school dance, you might regret it. You would, however, make a nice wreath for my front door--so, please, be in touch.
Dita Von Teese modelling a unique floral tutu and matching floral crown.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s unique individuality and artisitic flair still inspires the generations years on

Now not everyone is going to be passionate about these pieces, and their will be as many hits as there are misses when passion and training are lacking. Be sure to choose a supplier who you feel understands your vision and is clear with their ability to communicate their ideas and suggestions.

As the pictures below show, even some celebs have got it horribly wrong:

Kaley Cuoco gets it oh so wrong with this silk headpiece.

Kaley’s piece is more floral drown than floral crown. Her piece has a uncanny resemblance to a swimming or shower cap and the situation is not helped by her having short hair which is entirely covered by the piece. It is certainly a bizarre choice.

Delta’s piece is too big and perhaps the wrong colour to complement her outift.

Gorgeous Delta looks heavily burdened by her crown. And whilst the piece uses beautiful materials, the width of the garland is just far too large and again, covers too much of the crown of her head.

Want to your own floral crown? We can certainly help! But if you want learn how to make your own flower crown, check out some of the tutorials on line. I would recommend starting with silk flowers until you are fairly confident in the construction.

Good luck!

Peace ✌☮

Fwf x




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