A Day of Appreciation for Mums and Motherly Figures

With April quickly coming to an end, May, and Mother’s Day are just around the corner. That means that you have just over two weeks to choose how you want to show your appreciation for those special women in your life.

Mother’s Day has more recently become a day of celebration not only for mothers, but significant women who have influenced, mentored, cared for you, inspired you and loved you. There are many influential women surrounding us in addition to our mothers who may also deserve celebration, and appreciation. Have a little think about who you would be lost without….Special aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers, family friends who were always around, and there for you when you needed them….perhaps even an older sister who always took you under her wing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Mother’s Day, like many other special days, is just an annual reminder to appreciate those motherly figures in your life.  Appreciation can be shown any day of the year, but like so many things on our ‘to-do’ lists,  it tends to become something we will do ‘someday’ …which we all know, never quite comes around.

Image of a little girl giving flowers to her mum
Give mum fresh cut flowers or a plant for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day flowers can be as different as the person you are buying for. It’s not an occasion where there is only one kind of bloom on offer. Having said that, there are some traditional choices, that are particularly significant for the older generations.

Traditional ‘mums’, Chrysanthemum flowers, are no longer those daggy bunches of non-descript flowers you could pick up just about anywhere. These days, the colour ranges available are phenomenal, and there are lots of variations in the shape and density of the bloom dependant on the variety of choose. We’ll have plenty of bunches of fresh cut flowers on offer over the Mother’s Day period that you can choose instore.

Annnnnnd, what about gorgeous Disbud Chrysanthemums? If you don’t know them by name, I’m sure you’d know them by description….. Disbuds have enormous, fluffy, rounded blooms, that look somewhere between a dahlia and a peony in my opinion. You will see them in pinks, yellow, white, lime green and mauve naturally, but they are also available in a wide range of dyed colours also which are incredibly popular. Wait, whaaaat? Yep, seriously, somehow, dyed disbuds seem to be popular with florists and customers alike. Not quite sure how they managed it, but they have found their place in the market, and are here to stay.

Mother Day traditional flowers 'mums' or chrysanthemums are a fantastic gift idea. Check out these gorgeous soft mauve ones, that are 100% natural in colour
Mother’s Day traditional flowers ‘mums’ or chrysanthemums are a fantastic gift idea. Check out these gorgeous soft mauve ones, that are 100% natural in colour
Chocolate dyed disbuds- all sorts of deliciousness
Chocolate dyed disbuds- all sorts of deliciousness

Recently, I saw these chocolate dyed disbuds, and I seriously thought I was in love. The great thing about buying fresh cut chrysanthemums is they are long lasting. So even after Mother’s Day has been and gone, mum can glance over at the vaseful of flowers and feel all warm inside again 😍😍😍

If you haven’t yet got yourself organised for Mother’s Day, check out our full range here. Local flower delivery throughout Carlingford and surrounding areas will be offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but get in quick- delivery runs will be closed off when they are at capacity.

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