A Concise Guide for New Baby Flowers Delivery

Image of a Baby Boy box with Soft Toy Gift and Balloon

Flowers are akin to language as each type induces different emotions among recipients. Special occasions and events also dictate the meaning of flowers for both the sender and the recipient. If you are a first-time sender of flowers to a friend who just delivered a baby, who   is about to be your godson or goddaughter, here are some tips on what to present to him or her on her first few days of life.



  • Find out if the newborn and family members suffer from allergies


Picking out baby flower bouquet is an undeniably exciting activity, especially for first timers. But before you scan through baby boy and baby girl flower arrangements, check if the parents and newborn suffer from allergies. Despite the beauty of new baby flower arrangements, they may start developing allergic symptoms that lead to them feeling unwell altogether.



  • Find out the gender and decide on a colour scheme


Traditional flowers for a new baby will depend on the gender. For baby boys, blue is a common colour motif and pink for a newborn baby girl.


The most common flowers for baby flowers are iris, hyacinth, freesia, and statice.


On the other hand, pink flowers include tulips, bouvardia, and carnations for baby girl flower arrangements.



  • Choose baby flower bouquets with mild scents


Choose flowers with mild scents if you are going to have it delivered to a newborn. Mothers and babies may be too sensitive to some aromas, especially those with strong scents. Ideally, pick flowers that feature soft but fragrant smells such as irises, daffodils, and sunflowers.
Always consult a florist if you have no idea on what to send for newborns and their mothers. They have experience in picking out the perfect flowers based on your preferences as well as budget. To purchase flowers for same-day delivery, you may call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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