A Brief Guide When Sending New Baby Flowers to Sydney Homes

image of Lovely infant foot with little white daisy in mothers hands

The sweetest way to congratulate a couple who recently welcomed a newborn into the world is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can add balloons, a fresh basket of fruits and snacks to make your gift a truly memorable one for the new family.

Showing support to a couple with a newborn is important. The responsibilities of parenthood for first-time parents can be a bit overwhelming. Expressing love and care to new parents will make the journey more exciting for them, knowing that family and friends are always there for needed support.

Sending new baby flowers and gifts are excellent gifts of encouragement. The vibrant colours and fresh scents of flowers lighten up the mood and bring an overall positive vibe to the home.


In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about sending new baby flowers to parents.


When should you send flowers?

Since nobody knows for sure when a newborn will be delivered, it isn’t possible to place an order in advance for the mum and dad of newborn and you will need to opt for same-day delivery of new baby flowers and gifts.

Another good suggestion is to wait for the mother and her newborn to arrive at their home before sending flowers. In this way, parents have less things to transport from the hospital to their home. Lastly, choosing to send flowers to a home address gives you the chance to place an order in advance.


What types of flowers are best for new baby flower bouquets and floral arrangements?

Before sending flowers, it’s best to confirm the gender of the newborn. Identifying the gender will help you decide on which flowers to include in a bouquet or flower arrangement. If you are uncertain or the parents have not disclosed the gender of the newborn, you may opt to send flowers in neutral tones.

Pink, purple, and pastel hues are good colour selections for new baby girl bouquets. Popular flowers available in these colours are roses, lilies, tulips and carnations. For new baby boy flowers, flowers in blue and yellow hues are excellent colour options. Flowers available in these hues are freesia, iris, statice, and delphinium.
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