A Day of Appreciation for Mums and Motherly Figures

With April quickly coming to an end, May, and Mother’s Day are just around the corner. That means that you have just over two weeks to choose how you want to show your appreciation for those special women in your life.

Mother’s Day has more recently become a day of celebration not only for mothers, but significant women who have influenced, mentored, cared for you, inspired you and loved you. There are many influential women surrounding us in addition to our mothers who may also deserve celebration, and appreciation. Have a little think about who you would be lost without….Special aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers, family friends who were always around, and there for you when you needed them….perhaps even an older sister who always took you under her wing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Mother’s Day, like many other special days, is just an annual reminder to appreciate those motherly figures in your life.  Appreciation can be shown any day of the year, but like so many things on our ‘to-do’ lists,  it tends to become something we will do ‘someday’ …which we all know, never quite comes around.

Image of a little girl giving flowers to her mum
Give mum fresh cut flowers or a plant for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day flowers can be as different as the person you are buying for. It’s not an occasion where there is only one kind of bloom on offer. Having said that, there are some traditional choices, that are particularly significant for the older generations.

Traditional ‘mums’, Chrysanthemum flowers, are no longer those daggy bunches of non-descript flowers you could pick up just about anywhere. These days, the colour ranges available are phenomenal, and there are lots of variations in the shape and density of the bloom dependant on the variety of choose. We’ll have plenty of bunches of fresh cut flowers on offer over the Mother’s Day period that you can choose instore.

Annnnnnd, what about gorgeous Disbud Chrysanthemums? If you don’t know them by name, I’m sure you’d know them by description….. Disbuds have enormous, fluffy, rounded blooms, that look somewhere between a dahlia and a peony in my opinion. You will see them in pinks, yellow, white, lime green and mauve naturally, but they are also available in a wide range of dyed colours also which are incredibly popular. Wait, whaaaat? Yep, seriously, somehow, dyed disbuds seem to be popular with florists and customers alike. Not quite sure how they managed it, but they have found their place in the market, and are here to stay.

Mother Day traditional flowers 'mums' or chrysanthemums are a fantastic gift idea. Check out these gorgeous soft mauve ones, that are 100% natural in colour
Mother’s Day traditional flowers ‘mums’ or chrysanthemums are a fantastic gift idea. Check out these gorgeous soft mauve ones, that are 100% natural in colour
Chocolate dyed disbuds- all sorts of deliciousness
Chocolate dyed disbuds- all sorts of deliciousness

Recently, I saw these chocolate dyed disbuds, and I seriously thought I was in love. The great thing about buying fresh cut chrysanthemums is they are long lasting. So even after Mother’s Day has been and gone, mum can glance over at the vaseful of flowers and feel all warm inside again 😍😍😍

If you haven’t yet got yourself organised for Mother’s Day, check out our full range here. Local flower delivery throughout Carlingford and surrounding areas will be offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but get in quick- delivery runs will be closed off when they are at capacity.

Fwf x

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Factors to Consider when Choosing Sympathy Flowers in Sydney

White Sympathy Box - Perfect sympathy flower gift

Sympathy or funeral flowers are flower arrangements that are meant to be delivered at the funeral home or crematorium for display. Smaller flower arrangements are sympathy flowers that may also be sent to the home of the bereaved family. Their primary function is to express our condolences to those left behind as well as decorative tribute to the deceased individual.

If you are attending a funeral or viewing, you may be wondering what type of sympathy flowers to bring or to send to the family of the deceased. In this article, we will serve as your guide in shopping for the best sympathy flowers in Sydney.


The different types of sympathy flowers in Sydney?

The most common sympathy flowers that are offered at viewings, funerals, and memorial services are as follows:

  • Casket sprays that are placed on top of a closed casket.
  • Standing sprays are floral arrangements that are installed on an easel. Standing sprays displays feature wreaths, crosses, hearts, and bouquet form.
  • Flower arrangements in vases and baskets.


The most common flowers that are included in sympathy or funeral flower arrangements are:

  • Gladiolus
  • Carnations
  • Lilies
  • Roses


How much do funeral flowers cost?

The cost of funeral and sympathy flowers will depend on the type of flowers as well as the design you request from the florist. Basic standing wreath arrangements with a few flower type selections will typically cost more than a simple spray casket or a sympathy flower bouquet in a basket or vase.

If you wish to check out the prices of sympathy flowers in Sydney, request a quote from us by calling 02 8971 1666.

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Rosemary for remembrance

Flowers and Tributes for ANZAC Day

This year Easter holidays and ANZAC Day are separated by only a few days. It doesn’t always happen this way as Easter is determined by the Pashcal moon. This year however will be a tricky one for the farmers and retailers. The flower markets busiest days of trade tend to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when most of the large growers are in attendance. However, during a week where a public holiday falls on one of these days of trade, things are turned on their heads.

Tuesday is likely to be the busiest market, followed by Friday. What this means for those of your looking to organise fresh flowers for ANZAC Day tributes on Thursday, is the earlier you order, the better. Orders will be completed in a first in, best dressed manner if they have not been special preordered.

Don’t know what to get for an ANZAC Day service?

For ANZAC Day the traditional piece is a teardrop shaped wreath base covered in individual Laurel leaves, meticulously layered one piece at a time, and pinned over the entire surface area, including the sides. At the base of the teardrop, an arrangement of 3 red poppies is secured,  often along with fresh sprigs of rosemary, and a purple ribbbon reading ‘Lest We Forget’.

Anzac Day wreath

Laurel, has been used since ancient Roman times, to crown Victors and the brave. Red poppies, according to forklore, are said to have absorbed the blood of the fallen soldiers, resulting in their vibrant colour. Poppies are also one of the first flowers to bloom in the battlefields of the First World War in Belgium and the North of France. The Lest We Forget purple ribbon is placed high in the left corner, across the wreath, and finishing low in the right hand side to symbolise the sun rising in the East and setting in the west. And, rosemary is another symbol of remembrance. These wreaths generally have to be ordered in advance as each of the sundry items is specific to this design only, and not something usually kept on hand.

Full floral wreath

Alternatives to this traditional style will often be seen at memorial sites and services. Perhaps the wreath is round instead of teardrop. Some will be covered in camellia leaves or flat pine. Some poeople will even choose to design a full floral wreath. At the end of the day, what you choose is entirely personal, and determined by your budget.

Alternatives to a wreath include a flat lay style bouquet known as a sheaf. This bouquet style is often used for funereal ceremonies as it can be easy laid on the floor at ceremonies or propped up against tombstones or memorial monuments. This style of fresh flower arrangement can be made to suit most budgets and can be quickly made while you wait in store, unlike a wreath arrangement.

Flat lay sheaf

There is still time to come in an organise your flowers for ANZAC Day, but come in or call as early as possible if you have something in particular in mind.

In the meantime, we hope you all enjoy the long weekend. Whether you are celebrating Easter or not, we hope you enjoy some down time, family time AND plenty of chocolate! 😉

Fwf x

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New Baby Flower Ideas in Sydney

image of a Gorgeous Baby collections - newborn gift ideas

Sending new baby flowers and gifts is a thoughtful way of celebrating the arrival of a baby into this world. There is no better way to express thoughtfulness for the gift of new life than by sending the proud parents bright and colourful flower arrangements as well as gifts for the newborn, too.

If you just received the good news of new baby being delivered by a friend, relative, or family member but don’t know which new baby flowers to send them, keep reading. This article will help you pick flowers for new mum and newborn in Sydney.


Why should you send flowers to mums and their newborns?

A fresh and luscious bouquet serves as a wonderful gift for new parents. The aesthetics as well as the sweet scent of flowers will lighten up the mood of mothers who have just delivered and will brighten up the room during her stay at the hospital.


When is the best time to send baby bouquets in Sydney?

Ideally, sending newborn baby flowers in Sydney should be arranged when a mother is in labour. Since nobody can predict as to what day and time a newborn will be delivered, it’s best to reserve the purchase of flowers once the baby is finally out of the womb.

Upon hearing the news of a safe and successful delivery, you may request for same-day delivery of floral arrangements to the hospital. You may also wait a few days to send newborn baby flower bouquets.


How do I pick the perfect baby bouquets from a Sydney florist?

It’s best to confirm the newborn’s gender before shopping for a flower arrangement. The gender of the newborn will narrow down your flower selection. For instance, new baby boy flowers are usually those that feature blue colours, whilst new baby girl flowers are those in pink and red. If you do not know the gender, it may also be ideal to send flower arrangements that feature neutral colours.

When sending newborn bouquets, do not forget to include a greeting card that conveys words of encouragement, love, and support.
Check out the newborn baby flowers and gift ideas that we offer here. If you wish to place an order for same-day delivery, please get in touch with us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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Speckled Easter eggs

Easter Flowers and Fun

The school holidays is such a busy time for everyone, and yet the weeks just slip through our fingers. It certainly pays to consider the activities you would like to enjoy during your break as it is a great opportunity to relax, play, stop, reflect, and of course regenerate.

Research shows that the more connected we are with our natural environment, the better the outcomes are for our lives. This is particularly significant for our children, who spend less time in the natural world than previous generations and with Easter coming up this weekend, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside even if it is just for a chocolate egg hunt! 😉

Speckled Easter eggs

It is natural to spend more time indoors as the days become shorter and the weather turns cool, so now that daylight savings has finished, it is understandable that people start heading indoors earlier. The beauty of activities in the natural world is that for the most part, they are free, and that is a big draw card when the school holidays can get so darn expensive.

Autumn is a great time to take walks and collect flowers and leaves to press. Build a fort, weave leaves, make daisy chains, create mandalas from coloured leaves and nuts…the possibilities are limitless.  Since moving out of Sydney a few years ago, we haven’t experienced the joy that the change of season can bring. The beauty of the changing trees is something my kids just haven’t seen so when they saw all the reds, oranges, yellows and rust tones littering the streets and treetops, they were awe struck! I love how kids are so amazed by things as adults we simply take for granted. It reminded me that simplicity brings gratitude.

Often when special occasions arise we feel burdened with the expectation of gifts. As an alternative to overwhelming a family with chocolate, and bunny/chicken themed plush toys this weekend: consider flowers. Being surrounded by nature reduces stress levels, lowers levels of depression, and improves mood. If you are enjoying time with beloved family or friends this weekend and want to take a fresh floral arrangement or cut flower bouquet, we can create something special. Whilst we do not have an Easter Range, we can work with any colour scheme. A cute idea is to match the arrangement to a selection of Easter eggs. Choose bright, clashing colours to match the vibrant foiled eggs, or team soft gelato tones with pastel speckle coated miniature eggs. YUM!

Easter daisies
Sourc: Tesselaars

During the Easter period, plenty of people will request bunches of dainty little Easter daisies. They generally come in white, mauve, yellow and pink. They are a traditional flower for this time of year, and make an inexpensive gift. The problem is, Easter does not fall on a particular date, but rather is determined by the paschal moon. Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon on or following March 20 . There can be a substantial difference from year to year, with Easter falling anywhere from late March to late April. Unfortunately this means that sometimes Easter daisies can be available long before, or long after Easter.

It is a great time to enjoy fresh cut flowers as the weather is more moderate. You will find arrangements and bouquets will last longer particularly if the water is regularly changed and the stems are trimmed.

Remember, we will be closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so be sure to pop in Thursday should you require any fresh flowers, gifts or potted plants before the long weekend.

Fwf x



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The Best Mother’s Day Flowers Delivery Recommendations in Sydney

image banner of mothers day flower arrangement - mothers day on 12th of May

Finding the perfect bouquet for your mum on Mother’s Day can be problematic especially if this is your first time sending her flowers. You only want the best flower arrangement for the woman who gave you life, took care of you, and helped you become the person that you are today.

In this article, we will help you pick the perfect Mother’s Day flower arrangements.

The first thing that you need to check is the florist. There is no shortage of florists in Sydney. This fact is both an advantage and a problem especially for first-time flower shoppers.


Here are things that you need to look out for when looking for Sydney-based florists:

  • Search for local florists online. The search engine will show florists near you. Make sure to visit their websites so you can have a better picture of their unique style or flair in creating flower arrangements.
  • There are times when checking out florist websites is not enough. Find the time to visit their shops. An actual visit to a flower shop will give you better understanding on how they operate as a business as well as the type of flower arrangements they specialise on.
  • Look for a florist that understands the need and budget of his or her clients. You need to find a florist that is skilled in reproducing your ideas into life. A florist that can make the necessary adjustments based on needs and budgets without compromising the overall quality and design of floral arrangements is your best bet.


What flowers are best to pick for a Mother’s Day bouquet?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to flowers selection for a Mother’s Day bouquet. You can ask the florist to help you pick the best flowers that go well together. If you know that flowers that your mum likes, you may go ahead and feature them in the flower bouquet. Make sure to add a Mother’s Day card during delivery. A customised message will add that final touch to make your mum’s day special indeed.
Check out our beautiful and unique Mother’s Day flower arrangements. For enquiries, you may also call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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(Re)Flexing Your Craft Muscle

Many factors influence a person’s choice of career. As a florist, there might be a passion for decorating, and designing, or a hunger to be involved in large scale events, but at the heart of it all, there must be an undeniable love of flowers.

Mother Nature provides us with such a gorgeous array of flowering plants, which in turn become cut flowers. Funny thing is, we often find new ways to present those flowers rather than leave them in their natural state. There are so many ways to decorate with flowers, and the longer I am in the industry the more I see, and the more I experiment with.

We manipulate the seasons so that we may enjoy our favourite blooms almost year round.

We import blooms from all over the world as we have an insatiable desire that we are seemingly unable to fulfill with what we can produce ourselves.

We colour or dye the blooms, sometimes in such subtle, natural ways, that people are led to believe it is some of Mother Nature’s finest work. At other times, we dye flowers for something different, something in fashion, or perhaps just to fulfil a colour brief….I mean, blue is one of the most popular corporate colours and there are not many true blue flowers in the world, so what were we to do?

We create artificial stems or structures so that we are able to manipulate the bloom within a design.

Floristry has become about far more than simply arranging fresh cut flowers.

One of the current trends is for a rose to have the first and second most outer layers of its petals peeled back to create the most amazing staged version of a rose ‘blooming’. The technique is called “reflexing”. It is a technique that requires a gentle touch and a whole lot of patience as you need to delicately peel the rose petal back and flip it in the opposite direction to the way it naturally grows. When you reflex a rose, you expose the rose head, and are able to create a bloom that is 2-3 times the size of an average rose.

Reflexed Rose arrangement
Flowers by Hermetica via Pinterest
Reflexed rose arrangement
Reflexed Rose arrangement via Brittany Asch Pinterest

Rose reflexing is being used everywhere by everyone, becoming quite the showstopper for events and large scale installations, and it totally makes sense right? If you have the ability to make a Rose look visually much bigger than it actually is, of course it is going to be front and centre in your arrangement.

Reflexing is not a technique that is only confined to roses either. As a young florist I was initially taught how to reflex tulips, which in my opinion is simpler, although it is quite easy to bruise the tulip petal. These days a quick google search of #reflexed will deliver you pictures of almost every type of flower imaginable, turned back on itself. Like all things, not everyone is a fan…and some even hashtag their pics #tortured.

Reflexed tulip. Source: Floral Design Institute

I’d love to know if you are a fan of reflexed blooms or not?

Fwf x

Featured Image: Via Florelle

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