Merry Christmas 2018

A Different Christmas List

It came without ribbons! It came without tags!

It came without packages, boxes or bags!”

And he puzzled three hours, til his puzzler was sore.

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, ” doesn’t come from a store. 

Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”

Dr Suess

Dr suess christmas wisdom
Source: Wise Conservatism

Can you believe it is Christmas Eve? I must admit that I think I’m in denial. It has been a big year, and it seems that the world is turning a little bit faster, and that our journey around the sun seems to be taking a shorter amount of time each year!

On the day before Christmas, there will be people who are still rushing around finalising their Christmas shopping; getting last minute gifts, boxes of chocolates (just in case), collecting their chosen beverages for the holiday and getting all the fresh ingredients for their Christmas meal.

In amongst all the madness, all the rushing, and stress, it is so easy to forget what Christmas is all about. Now look, not everyone celebrates a Christian Christmas, and for many, the day has no religious significance at all. But, if you live in Australia, Christmas is a National Public holiday- and the idea of a holiday is rest, a slower pace, and enjoyment, right?

Sure, it has become increasingly commercial over the years, and let’s face it, it’s always nice to be given something that someone has chosen for you, but these days, Christmas can turn into a bit of a circus…and this ringmaster for one, is having trouble controlling her monkeys!

I saw this Christmas To Do list posted many times over the last few weeks, and I had to share it with you all:

Be present this christmas

In the process of getting everything done, and having everything look perfect, we put extra pressure on ourselves, and in turn our families.

I remember my friend once telling me she was the self appointed ‘Queen of Outsourcing’. Why? Because she figured her time was better spent doing the things she enjoyed and that made her happy, than running errands or rushing around doing housework. Instead, she made the choice to pay a bit extra to get the jobs she didn’t want to do, DONE.

So, that is my advice to you too over the holidays. Sometimes, paying a delivery fee to get something to you is worth saving yourself a round trip. Sometimes dropping the laundry off will alleviate enough pressure that you will be able to enjoy a slow morning at home reading.

DIY table decorations
Source: Como Fazerem Casa

Sometimes the idea of decorating your Christmas table with something homemade (that you found on Pinterest) is more satisfying than the actual experience of doing it yourself. Without the proper tools. With time restrictions.

So whilst the clock is ticking and there are only hours left of trade, rest assured that Florist With Flowers has been up early this morning at the markets, getting a beautiful selection of fresh flowers for you and your families to collect in store, or for local delivery. Take advantage of our skills and our passion.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers who are celebrating tomorrow, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We appreciate your loyalty so very, very much. You make it possible for us to do what we love everyday, and we know that we could not do it without you.

Be safe, and we look forward to another wonderful year working together in 2019.

Fwf x

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DIY Christmas wreaths

D.I.Y Door Decorations

Let’s face it, Christmas is expensive. And even if you simplify, as we do, the cost of quality items is high. Add to that the cost of the Christmas meal whether that includes turkey or prawns, pudding or trifle. And don’t forget the provisions you just have to buy when the shops close for 24hours…you know, ridiculous quantities of canned goods, preserved fruits and vegetables, extra milk and bread to freeze 🤦‍♀️

Florist With Flowers designs a gorgeous range of wreaths each year, suitable for your table or your door. Call us on 02 9871 1666 or come in-store to chat to our friendly staff about your requirements. You can get some inspiration here. If however, your budget has stretched as far as it is going to, yet the decorations have been left to last, here are a few ways to get creative.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Using an embroidery hoop from your local fabric/craft shop as your wreath base, you can create a simple yet stunning door hanging. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design,  the focus is as much on the empty space within the piece as it is on the decorated area.

Embroidery hoop wreath arrangement
Source: LapinBlu
Competed hoop wreath with advent bags
Source: LapinBlu

You only really need a small amount of pine or spruce along with foraged pine cones to complete this simple wreath. This example shows how it can also be adapted to be your own special advent calendar. You simply number some brown paper bags and fill them with your chosen treats, and finally attach them to the base.

Pool Noodle Wreath

For those of you who are not only cash poor, but also time poor, this option can be prepared well ahead of time, freeing you up closer to Christmas. It requires NO fresh ingredients. Aside from gluing the noodle together to form a ring which would need to be done ahead of time, this wreath would take less than 10 minutes!

Pool noodle wreath
Pool Noodle wreath. Source: Miss Kris

30 minute Bauble Wreath

This wreath is about as festive as you can get. You can choose the colours you fancy, but you will need approximately 90 baubles in a variety of sizes, a hot glue gun, an old wire coat hanger and a bottle of wine 🍷  (according to the author). For a full breakdown of instructions you can check out the full post from Delightfully Noted.

A gorgeous bauble wreath that you can customise to match any colour scheme. Source: Delightfully Noted
A gorgeous bauble wreath that you can customise to match any colour scheme. Source: Delightfully Noted
Step by step instructions are available at Delightfully Noted
Step by step instructions are available at Delightfully Noted

Kmart Christmas Hula Hoop

Kmart products often inspire a bazillion creative hacks, and Christmas is no different….in fact there are probably even more sources for inspiration. This year, one clever mummy has created the most impressive hanging display which will sit over her dinner table, but the concept could just as easily be adapted to create an amazing door hanger or decoration for an entry gate. Lisa Heenan’s simple instructions can be found here, but please note, Lisa has attached the hoop in four places to her ceiling fan which allows it to move slowly in the video.

Lisa Heenan created this hanging arrangement using a Kmart hula hoop and flowers, vines from IKEA and discounted store ornaments.
Lisa Heenan created this hanging arrangement using a Kmart hula hoop and flowers, vines from IKEA and discounted store ornaments.

The $5 hoop can be found at Kmart, along with a variety of other retailers, and is simply covered in an assortment of artificial vines, and blooms sourced from IKEA, Kmart and discount stores.

Should you wish to adapt this to include fresh foliage and fresh cut flowers, I would suggest using a combination of doddavine, trailing Ivy as your base to cover the hoop. Both materials last well without water. For your flower choices, I would generally recommend sticking with dried flowers, or flowers that can either survive for the day without water or in small water vials.

Spray painted dried lotus pods, pine cones and gum nuts are ideal as they are dry. White Singaporean orchids are a delicate bloom that lasts well without water.  Most tropical blooms will withstand a day or so without water, particularly if it is humid.

Wreath Gum and Paper Cut Outs

Source: Sostrenegrene

This is soooo simple to look at, and even simpler to do. Using only eucalyptus foliage which can be left to dry on a super simple frame, and adorned with quaint paper cut outs…really, is there any excuse not to have a wreath when there are options as easy as these.

Still, not everyone is crafty, so as you know we are here for all your fresh flower, gifting and Christmas decorating needs.

Not long to go ONLY 5 more sleeps! 🎄 🎅🏼 🎄 🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼🎄

Fwf x


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Gifting Made Easy with our fresh flower gift vouchers

Gifting Made Easy

When the madness of Christmas is firmly upon us, panic can start to sink in. Have we bought enough? Does each child have what visually appears to be equal? Have we gone overboard? Have we forgotten someone? Please for the love of God, don’t let me forget someone….

And sometimes, you find yourself with a list of people who may already have everything, or are just a bit ‘hard’ to buy for. There is someone like that in every family really isn’t there, and I bet that they end up with an assortment of the same presents each year…or perhaps a variety of gift cards.

Various gift cards make great presents

I think gift cards have an unfairly negative reputation. They can be seen as a lazy present, like you haven’t put any thought into the gift or some may think they are too restrictive, and prefer cash. Cash can so easily get swallowed up in day to day expenses, but this is far less likely with a gift voucher. And when you think about it, gift cards force you to buy something for yourself, from somewhere you perhaps wouldn’t purchase from usually.

And isn’t that exactly what a gift should be? Not something you need, but rather something you wouldn’t treat yourself to ordinarily.

Gift vouchers for fresh flowers with Florist with Flowers

Fresh flowers often fall into this category. They are the first expense to be cut from the office budget along with the cream biscuits…and the luxury scrapped from the household/grocery budget when things are get a bit tight.

Fresh flowers are still very much seen as a luxury for many people, and at busy times like Christmas where cash is slipping through your fingers, they can be something you go without yourself.

Long lasting native bouquets are so beautiful and long lasting. With a gift card, you could create something like this to fit a vase from home
Long lasting native bouquets are so beautiful and long lasting. With a gift card, you could create something like this to fit a vase from homeGifting Made Easy With

Gift cards are a wonderful idea for flower lovers at Christmas. And the greatest thing about them is they are flexible. Many people go away around the holidays so sometimes an arrangement can go to waste, but a gift card allows the recipient the gift of fresh cut flowers, when they are ready.

Imagine gifting someone a years worth of weekly flowers 🌺  🌺  🌺 …Gift cards with large dollar amounts can be used gradually to dress the home. The recipient can choose a variety of market fresh bunches or premium stems depending on what takes their fancy on the day.

Seasonal favourites- Sunflowers. Is there anything cheerier?
Seasonal favourites- Sunflowers. Is there anything cheerier?

They also make a great gift for corporate customers, business affiliates and amazing suppliers who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Florist with Flowers offer gift vouchers online at 3 different values that you can team with or without a fresh flower gift, or chocolates. Alternatively you can pop in-store to request a specific amount.

Like all vouchers, they are not redeemable for cash, but they are certainly redeemable for smiles 😁😄😃 I guarantee that after their first visit in-store to choose something, they will forever chase the feeling that fresh flowers brings to your home and your heart ✨🌈💖❤️💛💚💙💜

Flowers have a special kind of magic, that beckons us to live in the moment and enjoy the present… I think we all need a reminder to do that every once in a while.

Fwf x

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Pet Plants for Christmas

Christmas can be a time for giving handmade gifts, crafted with love. It can be a time for exchanging fun, gimmick gifts. Sometimes it can also be an occasion overrun with extravagance and consumerism. And sadly, it can also be a time that people give thoughtless gifts; gifts that require much, much more from the recipient than perhaps they had bargained for.

Do you remember the campaign “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”? It was one of the most successful slogans in the world of animal welfare, because it is so true. Giving a pet as a present is a pretty big call. Sure, you may really think they want one but pets are extremely expensive, require adjusting your lifestyle, and taking on additional responsibilities. ALOT of additional responsibilities.

this puppy was awaiting a new home. Gloria, was one of 126,673 animals the RSPCA received in their 39 shelters across the country in 2012/13.
this puppy was awaiting a new home. Gloria, was one of 126,673 animals the RSPCA received in their 39 shelters across the country in 2012/13.

According to the RSPCA, last year alone, they accepted 130,000 animals from the community, which is incredibly sad.  And would it surprise you to know that the biggest reason given for relinquishing an animal is behavioural problems, which is often the result of a lack of triaining and a lack of exercise.

Choosing a pet is an incredibly involved decision, that takes a lot of time and consideration. It is a very personal decision that is best left to the person who will be left cleaning up the mess and wearing the costs. And the problem with getting an adorable baby animal is that they don’t stay that way forever. The reality is that when someone gifts you an animal, it is pretty unlikely that they’re turning up with a geriatric cross from the pound. So while the pounds continue to fill up with unwanted animals, the puppy farms continue to supply a steady stream of designer breeds.

Pet plants are our newest addition

Now, it probably comes as no surprise that Florist with Flowers do not specialise in cute and cuddly animals, BUT what we do specialise in is gorgeous, quirky giftware. Our newest additions are the only kind of animal you should buy and thoughtfully give away! These gorgeous ceramic pots come in a variety of animal shapes; elephants, llamas and even flamingoes, and they include a hardy, low maintenance plant. Too easy! You won’t find these babies online though, so pop in-store to browse our selection and pick the right pet for you.

The baby elephants are super cute and available in various colours

If however, you are looking for a gift to send to someone special this Christmas, our festive season range is available online now. Check it out here.

Merry Yuletide is a bright and festive bouquet of fresh flowers

Given Christmas time is such a frantic time of year, Florist with Flowers is able to organise fresh flower gifts, gift hampers that include fruit, chocolate and something to wash it all down with, and more. Talk to one of our friendly staff about any special requirements you may have.

Only 19 days to go!

Fwf x

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a delicate farewell - sympathy flowers in sydney, Image by Florist with Flowers

Here are Thoughtful Tips on How to Choose Sympathy Flowers in Sydney

Sending sympathy flowers to a bereaved family is an old-age, thoughtful tradition when a relative or friend passes away. Although the activity of sending flowers to a house or funeral service is commonplace, many are still confused on the type of flowers to be chosen. Bringing flowers is a kind gesture that brings light to a place that is dimmed by death.


In this short guide, we will give you tips on how to choose the best sympathy flowers to buy.


  • If you are sending or bringing flowers to a funeral service


When ordering sympathy flowers in Sydney and having them delivered to a funeral parlor, make sure to choose flowers arranged in water or floral foam. When arranged in this manner, the flowers will stay vibrant and lively for a few days or before the casket is set in its final resting place.


If you are a close family member or relative of the deceased, you will need to choose from either having a casket cover or inside casket piece arrangement. For a closed casket, a casket cover is a must. On the other hand, if the funeral service is of open casket type, an inside casket flower arrangement is necessary.


If you want to have flowers delivered to a Sydney funeral home where a friend or relative is interred, you can either choose from a wreath or a funeral basket. These flower arrangements are usually placed on the side of the casket.


  • If you are sending sympathy flowers to the bereaved family’s residence


It’s always a welcome gesture to have flowers delivered to the Sydney home of the surviving members of the immediate family. Sympathy flowers delivery in Sydney are also appropriate if you missed attending the funeral service or the burial rites of the deceased.


You may send a sympathy basket or vase if you are part of the extended family or a friend of the person who passed on. These sympathy arrangements may feature either different flowers, plants or a combination of both.


Sympathy flowers delivered straight to the home of the bereaved family members bring comfort in difficult and trying times.


Lastly, do not forget to include a sincere and heartfelt sympathy card together with your funeral flowers or sympathy flowers or plants delivery.

If you want to learn more on how to send the best type of sympathy flowers to show your condolences, click here. For enquiries, you may also call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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bundle of joy - flowers for new born babby, Image by Florist with Flowers

A Short Shopping Guide for New Baby Flowers in Sydney

Flower shopping can be a very enjoyable activity. Since there are different types of flowers for various occasions, it’s important to understand how to choose the best flowers to send family and loved ones.


When buying flowers for a newborn baby, there are a few things that you need to remember. The birth of a child is a celebration of life itself and as such there are certain flower varieties and flower arrangements that will perfectly reflect our commitment to nurturing new life.


Sending baby bouquets and flowers to friends, family, or relatives in Sydney who have just delivered or are about to give birth is an undeniably thoughtful gesture. Whether you are welcoming a new baby boy or a new baby girl into the world, sending the parents a flower bouquet to commemorate such a glorious occasion is an excellent gesture.


Here are things that you must remember when buying flowers for a new mum and her newborn baby:



  • Flowers for the new mum



If you are planning to send flowers to a new mum here are some of the perfect flower varieties to send and their respective meanings.


  • Bronze chrysanthemums reflect excitement
  • Daisies are symbols of innocence
  • An orchid is a traditional Chinese symbol for fertility
  • Statice is also a good choice as it symbolises success
  • Pink tulip signify care and compassion
  • Yarrow symbolises good health and wellness



  • Flowers for newborns



When planning to have flowers sent to a friend, ask about any allergy or hypersensitivity issues that they may be suffering from. Parents or other people living in the household may not find certain flower varieties as sweet and pleasant as they appear to be.


Choose a colour palette that matches the gender of the newborn. Typically, baby pink will be the primary colour to think about when choosing flowers and gifts for a new baby girl. On the other hand, flowers with shades of powder blue are best when having flowers delivered to the proud parents of a newborn baby boy.
To know more about how to choose the right flowers for newborns and their parents, click here. For enquiries, you may also call us on 02 9871 1666.

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Lily Bouquet - Birthday Flowers in Sydney, Image by Florist with Flowers

Birthday Flowers Sydney Suggestions for the Different Women in Your Life

Ordering flowers online and having them delivered is the easiest way to show family and friends your sincerest affection during birthdays. Birthday flowers are irresistible presents that women love to receive. Nothing is quite more appealing than receiving a bouquet of flowers or an intricate flower arrangement on this very special day.


If you want to brighten a loved one’s birthday, here are some flower tips and suggestions to remember:


  • If you are ordering flowers for your mum


There is nothing purer than a mother’s love. If you want to show your unending love and devotion to the woman who gave you life, you may want to splurge a little on gifting birthday flowers.


You can choose from a bouquet of pink flowers, orchids, and lilies. If you can’t choose from these three, why not combine all three and request your florist to create a simple but elegant arrangement. The best flower delivery service in Sydney will even have this lovely bouquet sent straight to your mum’s doorstep a few hours after you place your order.


  • If you are planning to send flowers for your sister’s birthday


To show your unconditional love to your sister, pink flowers and pink tulips are the perfect blooms to order. Pink is the colour of platonic love, respect, and attachment. You may also choose flower varieties that feature the colour indigo or purple not only for your sister, but even for your brother’s birthday.


  • Best flower to send for your friend


Bright and colourful flower arrangements are ideal if you plan on giving a female friend a unique and thoughtful gift on her birthday. Even if your bond is platonic, sending your friends bright and colourful flowers will not be confused as a romantic gesture, but will showcase the warmth of your friendship.


  • The perfect flower for your girlfriend or wife


If you are looking to make your partner’s birthday extra special, surprise her with 50 pieces of long-stem red roses in the morning. If you’re in the early stages of the relationship, a bouquet of soft pink roses will make her blush and feel your sincere affection.
Lastly, before you have your chosen flower delivery service in Sydney send those flowers to the birthday celebrants, make sure to include a birthday card that features your heartfelt wishes for her birthday. If you want to place an order now, click here or call us on 02 9871 1666 today.

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