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Gorgeous Summer Flowers – Add Pineapple Lilies to Your Floral Arrangements NOW!

If you want to create an instantly eye catching, dramatic and long lasting arrangement throughout summer, here’s a hot tip…

Pineapple Lilies.

Never heard of them? You are probably not alone…these striking bulb plants have not always been a popular cut flower, although I do not know why. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, they prove to be amazing value as they are reasonably priced AND long lasting. Pineapple lilies can give you WEEKS of viewing pleasure!

Pineapple Lilies (which are not at all related to Pineapple fruit plants) are a seriously interesting addition to your flower arrangements. Pineapple Lilies (Eucomis) are like a floral representation of the tropical fruit, a long central stem with miniature flowers closely clustered together beneath a leafy top. They are a bulb plant, native to South Africa, and as they are endemic to a similar climate to Australia’s growing conditions, they grow well here and make a fantastic cut flower.

pine lily 3
Image; Gorgeous close up picture of the Pineapple lilies flowers via Top Tropicals
pine lily 5
Image; Pineapple lilies are available in a variety of colour tones like this gorgeous specimen via Easy to Grow Bulbs

Pineapple lilies come in a variety of colours including a white and green variety that works well within neutral colour schemes as well as bright colour schemes. They also come in a gorgeous burgundy variety which looks absolutely divine with rich and romantic colour tones (think pinks, reds, chocolate, plums, purples etc…) While some varieties are harder to come by commercially as a cut flower, the varieties that are available are very versatile.

pine lily 1
Image; Pineapple lilies come in stunning rich tones too, like this plum bloom via Longfield Gardens
pine lily 2
Image; Pineapple lilies make fantastic pot plant too like this example via  Longfield Gardens

These flowers can also be allowed to ‘go to seed’ before being cut which means that the centre of the bloom is allowed to become enlarged and firm. It gives the bloom a unique look, and the cut flower still last extremely well. This is one way that growers get creative, essentially creating a new line that may allow them to build on their business by extending the plant season (cutting the crop later than usual) or attracting new customers (by offering something totally unique). It also gives florists different textures to work with, allowing us to be more inspired when we create floral arrangements.

pine lily 4
Image; This pineapple lily has gone to seed, resulting in a plump berry like centre to each bloom via Top Tropicals

Pineapple lilies are grown locally which is beneficial because the cut flowers have not spent extended periods of time out of water or in unfavorable transit conditions. Buying local ensures you know the age of the produce, the conditions that they have been grown in and also provides jobs in the community.

Our staff are very knowledgeable, so ask us what flowers are grown locally if you want to continue supporting small business. By choosing this Carlingford Florist for flowers for home or deliveries throughout Sydney you are supporting a family business that actually care about it’s customers, and cares about it’s community.

Fwf x


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Pink roses for valentines day

What You Need to Know about Buying Roses in Sydney Online for Valentines Day

Most people would agree that everyone loves flowers and more so during Valentine’s day. You would want to make to make a good impression on your loved ones and what better way to express your affection than to send them a bouquet of roses? You will find that most people are delighted to receive them and you don’t even have to visit a florist, thanks to online shopping.. How is this so?

Image of a girl received a bouquet of roses

Only Roses will do on Valentine’s day

Roses have long become symbolic for people looking to celebrate love on Valentines Day. Hence it is essential to find a florist who can offer you the right bouquet of roses. Classic red roses are universally seen as a passionate symbol of love. White roses, on the other hand, instil purity while yellow roses signify gentleness and affection.

Image of a large bouquet of fresh red roses for Valentines

Where to buy your roses?

The fastest and easiest way to buy roses is on the Internet. You can not only look for a competitive price but it’s convenient as well. There are florists from all over the country eager to provide you with quality flower bouquets and arrangements at reasonable costs. Not to mention the added convenience of getting what you need online.

Of course, roses tend to be expensive when Valentines is just around the corner, so it is a good idea to pay and reserve your flowers well in advance. You can also make use of rose only promo codes whenever available and opt for a reputable florist near the area of your intended recipient.

Are you looking to buy roses and arrange for flower delivery with a proven and highly reputable florist? You can expect no less out of “Florist with Flowers”! Check out our fine selection of roses online or phone us today on 02 9871 1666 for any inquiries or concerns you might have.

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Taste of Summer – Pineapples

In winter, I like things cosy; warm lighting, textured fabrics, and throws, rich colour tones. Autumn calls for warm, rustic tones and layering, and Spring with it’s new growth sprouting, beckons for fresh, light colour tones, light layers and bright open spaces.

For me, Summer has a different feeling….or flavour if you like. Australian summers can be anything from hot and dry, to wet and sticky….but regardless, the longer days call us outside and give us a special kind of motivation.

Summer fruit bowls are full of colour and offer so much vareiety; lychees, melons, grapes, mangoes and pineapples….just to name a few.

Did you know that the pineapple is part of the bromeliaceae family? In fact, the pineapple is the only bromeliad that is a commercially important food. Most other bromeliads are popular as ornamental plants, whether grown in a garden or kept as a indoor house plant. The popular tropical fruit is the single most economically significant bromeliad. Pineapples can be enjoyed raw, cooked or juiced, and ornamental pineapples are just as versatile.

pine col 1
Image; Bakker

If the latest news is anything to go by, this year has been a bumper year for pineapple production, so much so, that hundreds of tonnes of the fruit were left to rot in North Queensland. Like all fresh grown produce, timing your crop is especially important. This year however, due to higher temperatures and early rain, the glut in supply coincided with the Golden Circle cannery’s annual holiday closure period. Ouch…They warn that this will affect the availability of Australian canned pineapple in the months to come.

pine col 2
Image: Bakker

For florists, Pineapples provide an interesting textured focal. Ornamental pineapples can create an exotic, and glamorous display paired with other tropical blooms or simple foliage. They can be the traditional green and gold varieties, and also come with a beautiful pink blush to them with rich burgundy foliage. This makes the creative possibilities almost endless!!! Fruit has been used within flower arrangements for an eternity, that is nothing new, but the way we use materials these days differs. If you are aiming to create tropical themed nuptials, the humble pineapple could certainly provide a dramatic answer, check out some of the inspiration below!

pine 6

pine 8

pine 9

pine 7

pine 10
Via Pinterest

I love the way the pineapples have been used in the tablescape above.  It is the kind of idea that can be easily adapted for use at home or parties, and the best thing about it is it can be enjoyed later too!

But, if fruit in your flower arrangements really isn’t your thing, you can always combine your pineapple with a touch of white rum, coconut milk, ice and a fancy paper umbrella for the true taste of summer! 🍹 🍍 🌴  It’d be a shame for any more of these glorious specimans to go to waste… 😂

Fwf x

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stem cover

The Easiest Ways to Extend the Life of Your Fresh Flowers

Just as we know that eating right and exercising makes our bodies healthier, there are some key points to looking after living plants and fresh flowers that are often overlooked. I like to think that after almost 20 years in the industry, I have a fairly good idea of how to look after most house plants and how to keep my vase going for as long as possible, but even I am guilty of skipping some of the steps on occasion.

Just a couple of weeks ago, in the busy days leading up to Christmas my darling mother and I made a horrendous error in judgement. Knowing that we had 4 places to go throughout the day, and enjoying gloriously hot, summery days, we chose to buy an orchid plant at our first stop. It certainly was the most convenient time to buy the orchid logistically on that particular day, but after sitting in the car for some 4 hours, the poor orchid plant was left scalded and burnt. The flowers and foliage were all wilted and sadly, that orchid was not going to be sitting centre stage on any table this season, if at all.

stems 3

I stifled a little laugh as we approached the car, not because it was funny, but because I really couldn’t believe that my mother, a orchid enthusiast, or myself as a florist had done something so obviously stupid. I guess it was just a case of the silly season getting the better of us.

An orchid enjoys humidity, however cannot handle direct sunlight ESPECIALLY throughout the middle of the day. The car would have created an oppressive, hot and dry environment that the orchid simply could not handle. Had it been a cactus it would not have had the same effect…

Obviously leaving any living thing in a hot car is going to have disastrous effects. Just as you would not leave a child, an animal or even fresh milk in the car, fresh flowers and plants should not be left in the car for extended periods of time.

Some of the most common mistakes people make when (not) caring for fresh flowers include;


stems 1

Fresh cut flowers have been cut from their life source; from the source of their food and nutrients, as well as water. For this reason, the cut stem seals to ensure that excess moisture is not lost, and therefore needs to be opened or ‘re-cut’ before being placed in fresh water.

Who has ever been in a rush- run inside their home with fresh flowers and either left them on the bench, or thrown them directly in water before recutting them? You are certainly not alone, but by leaving the stems sealed, or worse, without water for extended periods of time, will drastically effect vase life.

Cut flower stems on a diagonal, removing approximately 2cm from the length.


stems 2

Cleaning your vase every couple of days and refreshing the water will extend your vase life too. As your flowers deteriorate, bacteria breeds in the vase water, and in turn shortens the vase life of your blooms. By emptying the vase and using cleaning agents to ensure the bacteria is removed from the vase surface, the fresh vase water will stay fresher for longer.


stems 4

Keep your fresh flowers and plants away from direct sunlight; unnecessary, harsh sunlight will deplete your blooms of moisture and dehydrate them prematurely. Keep your fresh flowers out of the direct line of draughts like air conditioning or windows.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, in harsh, hot conditions like we have been having, fresh flowers and plants can suffer. By choosing hardier blooms, tropical and natives you will enjoy a longer vase life.

Fwf x

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2018’s Ultra Cool Colour of The Year

As we begin another year, fresh and filled with promise, for us creatives we also get a glimpse into what the year ahead may look like.  This year Pantone has announced a blue based purple dubbed “Ultra Violet” as the years unique colour. It is a colour that will feature heavily throughout 2018 in all facets of design; clothing, furniture, decorator items, homewares and of course will influence what clients choose to decorate their homes, and lives with.



This in turn will influence the bridal industry and will determine the colour palettes we will work with when creating a theme for bridal parties who are dressed in this year’s colour of the year.

Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.


Purple has been a colour for individuality and non conformity for some time. It symbolises experimentation, imagination and enables an individual to truly accept what makes them unique. Ultra Violet has also been a colour associated with the mystic and the mindful. It is often used for lighting in meditation to energise and inspire connection. Ultra Violet is also associated with being intuitive and spiritual. It is exploratory: outwardly as well as inwardly.

Over the years, designers have eagerly awaited the announcement of Pantone’s colour of the year. More recently though, the interest has appeared to spill over to the general public. It is true that we all do take more interest in colour, design and aesthetics nowadays, and perhaps it is as simple as that, however, Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute believes that is has come to mean far more than that.

“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” He says.


For florists purple is a lovely colour to work with. It is a colour that lends itself beautifully to a variety of themes. Create a soft cottage garden affair with a combination of ultra violet, silver, soft pink and whisper whites. It is equally as stunning with deep fushcia and lime green with more of a tropical feel. Or, using a selection of blooms in varying purple tones, create a gorgeous monochromatic design. And when demure is not your vibe, pairing Ultra Violet with her true opposite orange, will create a display that will demand attention. It is clashy, contrasting and unapologetic.


It isn’t just brides who will want a bit of Ultra Violet in their lives this year: Florists cater to a variety of customers. A vase full of fresh flowers in Ultra Violet by the bed, in the bathroom or in an entranceway can add just the right amount of Pantone’s chosen colour to be ‘on trend’ without having to rush out and change your complete decor. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t even have to be mixed. A vase of fresh flower ‘en masse’ as they say, looks fabulously stylish, and anyone can do it!

Check out some of the gorgeous flowers that are available in Ultra Violet: hyacinth, stock, tulips, kale, sweet peas, anenomes, orchids, iris, asters, carnations, roses, and much much more.






So whether purple is your colour or not, we hope to see your faces back in store throughout the year,

Fwf x

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