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Bandit By Name, Brilliant By Nature

With the new year fast approaching, many are probably putting pen to paper jotting down the aspirations they have for the year ahead. I must admit I stopped writing New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago…

I believe in living life the way that you want to live it every day, and if you do that, you don’t really need to have New Year’s Resolutions”

– Tom Ford

I stumbled across a story of a guerilla floral designer in New York attempting to do just that; living and creating the life he wants each and every day….and spreading his joy in the process. Like many of us in the wedding and event industries- we spend countless hours bringing a vision to life, to create what appears to be the perfect day. Most of the time, sadly, many of the flowers are left or discarded. In some ways I guess they have already served their purpose, but this floral designer decided he could spread the joy much, much further.

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Image; Lewis Miller Design

Lewis Miller and his team, now takes armfuls of fresh cut flowers that are largely left over from events to decorate garbage cans around the city of New York. Yep, you read that right….garbage bins. Why? Miller, despite having a successful, thriving business, was feeling unfulfilled. The idea behind these street art installations was that Miller and his team could create something more authentic and organic in nature, to spread the feeling of joy, and make everlasting memories for everyday city dwellers.

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Image; Lewis Miller Designs

Lewis Miller, owner of Lewis Miller Designs says “Gifting flowers to New Yorkers is a simple idea that I have been thinking about for years.”

Miller, dubbed the ‘Flower Bandit’ by Vogue, began his “Flower Flashes” in October 2016, and initially intended it to be just a one off event to reinvigorate himself artistically and reconnect with his craft. It evolved into a beautiful shared experience for countless New Yorkers, creating a positive emotional response from the floral installations.

“Who doesn’t love to get flowers? They are such a luxury, and New York City is a very gritty, fast-paced town. If we can bring nature—something wild and sumptuous—to New Yorkers and make them smile, the way people smile when they witness a random act of kindness, then that is a great thing. That is my goal. It’s a really simple vision but powerful, I think, to try to create an emotional response through flowers.”

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Image; Lewis Miller Designs

In addition to the beautiful blooming bins filled with spectacular bouquets of flowers, Miller and his team have also  decorated statues, sculptures and other public works of art. By adding fresh flowers, these landmarks have been transformed into colourful and eye catching displays.

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Image; Lewis Miller Design


“My team and I work really fast and very early in the a.m. Our call time for these flashes is 5:45 a.m., and we try to finish them before sunrise. We always recycle flowers from events when possible.”

“I don’t see us stopping anytime soon. These flashes are so gratifying and rewarding on many levels.”

Florist with Flowers would like to wish you all a very happy New Year, go forth into 2018 with the courage and conviction to be the change in the world that you wish to see.

Fwf x

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Do Yourself a Favour and Avoid a D.I.Y Disaster

These days we try our hands at all sorts of things….things we have no training in (outside of YouTube videos, of course!) But let’s face it, there is only so much you can learn from a couple of minutes of video footage, the expertise and guidance of a trained professional is irreplaceable.

Take the experience a Nebraskan Bride had recently for example. Determined to put her own stamp on her wedding celebrations, she and her crafty bridesmaids decided to make their own bridal bouquets, gathering flowers and foliage from her family property. Little did she know though, she had chosen a flower with devastating effects.

Image; Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Centre by Nan Hampton

Snow on the Mountain is one of many flowers that can give people allergic reactions. As part of the notorious Euphorbia family, Snow on the Mountain (Euphorbia marginata) is a common garden ornamental plant. Like many plants within the Euphorbia family, when cut, the stem emits a white sap which may cause a severe rash, dermatitis like symptoms, swelling to the eyes, and irritation to mucous membranes. A person’s sensitivity to the plant will depend on age, weight and physical health. Children are the most vulnerable as they are the more curious, and small in size. The plant absorbs toxic substances, from the water, air and soil, and therefore the toxicity of the plant can differ depending on the season, and stage of growth.

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Image; Omaha World Herald

After being in contact with the flowers, Christine washed her face without realising that the plants sap was still on her hands. With that, she transferred the sap to her eyes, and so it began…

Christine’s pastor rushed them through the ceremony, so that the couple could get to the hospital where she was administered a steroid shot. The rash spreading over Christine’s body called for a quick wardrobe change, and then she and Jon headed back at her reception 3 hours late.

There are plenty of flowers that can cause similar reactions, so you must beware. Choosing a trained professional florist is certainly going to avoid these sorts of complications, and that means choosing a reputable business, not just someone who ‘does flowers’ from home.  A trained/qualified florist has the knowledge and skill base to point you in the right direction style-wise and also keep you safe with hypo-allergenic choices.

Luckily enough for Christine and her Groom, their generous suppliers helped create the magical day they had hoped for a month after their botched wedding day, allowing them to pose for the pictures they never had a chance to have.

poison 3
Image; Christine Jo Miller Instagram via Mamamia

Christine has remained pretty good spirited about the whole ordeal, describing herself as the “scariest-looking person at (her) wedding”.

Christine says that her less than perfect wedding day has reminded her to “Focus on the big picture,” the bride told the Omaha World-Herald.

“It’s so hard to do that when you’re trying to compare your wedding to other people.

“You are literally getting married. We make it such a big deal in all the wrong areas.”

So even though things didn’t go quite as planned for Christine and Jon, they gained great insight into the fact that the wedding day is only the start….we almost forget the fact that we are vowing to marry someone for a lifetime.

Christmas and New Year are traditionally popular times to get engaged- so if you know someone who plans to tie the knot in the New Year, send them our way! Florist with Flowers has oodles of experience in organising gorgeous wedding flowers that reflect each couple perfectly.

In the meantime, we want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday period. Thank you to all our lovely loyal customers. We certainly couldn’t keep doing what we do without your continued support.

Fwf x

Featured Image; Ritz Carlton

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing an Online Service to Deliver Flowers

Most people would agree that there is no better way to show someone you care than to send them flowers.


It is a timeless tradition to send out flowers on Valentine’s day or at times when you wish to share your thoughts with others. Whatever the occasion, flowers express care and concern in a way words never could.


Thanks to the world wide web, it has become so much easier to buy and deliver flowers to people we care about no matter where they are in the country.  Still, there are a couple of things you need to be mindful of if only to ensure that everything turns out as you intended.


Image of a Bouquet of red roses for Valentine's Day

Choosing a florist – beyond the convenience and affordable prices

Yes, buying flowers from a florist online is a lot more convenient than having to visit a flower shop yourself and arrange for delivery. Online stores also tend to offer better deals than brick and mortar stores. Of course, things can still go wrong, and it’s important to make sure you do not run into any unpleasant surprises along the way.


Say for instance you have spent money online making arrangements to have birthday party flowers in North Ryde delivered. There are common mistakes that you would want to avoid to make sure that fresh flowers are delivered on time and  meets your full satisfaction.

Image of a Happy woman holding symbol of love heart and flowers

Here are some mistakes people often make when placing an order with a flower delivery service


Not checking the delivery address for errors before purchasing

It is an easy mistake to make and one that people often overlook resulting in the florist being unable to deliver the flowers on time. After all, how can you expect the flowers to reach the recipient if the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete? You would do well to carefully check whether you have correctly typed your address before hitting the “buy” button. Even the smallest mistakes in the delivery address can be the cause of much delay.


No means of tracking delivery

All too often, people do not bother doing some research on the products or services that they buy online. In the case of a flower delivery service, it would be helpful to have a means of tracking the delivery of your order from the moment you confirm your purchase up to the point where the flowers get delivered to the recipient. Just knowing where the flowers are at any given time. This gives you ample opportunity to check with the florist and work on any issues that may hinder timely delivery.


Not checking for service guarantees


Are you looking for a reputed flower delivery business with an excellent reputation for quality and dependable service? It is always best to work with a  reliable  service provider like “Florist with Flowers” who offer a money-back guarantee should the unexpected happen. Phone us today on  (02) 9871 1666 to make the necessary arrangements — you will find that we know just how important the flower delivery is to you and  that we are prepared to go above and beyond to make sure that fresh flowers are delivered on time looking fresh and beautiful.

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Filling Your Home with Memories

Christmas, like many other key times in our life is firmly etched in our memories. What those memories are will differ for each family of course, but what remains the same is that those early memories have the potential to become our own Christmas traditions in the future.

My childhood Christmas had a smell- I’m sure it was the same for many of you too- the smell of pine is unmistakable, and like fragrances tend to do, getting a whiff of the scent of pine again transports me back to another time and place.

x mas 2

Replicating the perfect Christmas is almost like a step by step recipe that we are unable to deviate from- it is like a sportsman wearing his lucky socks or jocks…. Sometimes it is impossible to put your finger on exactly what element made something perfect so you just repeat everything in the hope that you will be able to create the same magic again.

Everyone’s idea of perfect is different too of course but there is something special about fresh produce, whether we are talking about food, cut flowers, or plants.

NSW is quite unique in that both Christmas Bush and Christmas Bells are endemic to the region. Both these flowers are naturally available at Christmas time as their names suggest, although, weather conditions can influence this. Fresh cut flowers throughout the house is important always of course BUT essential for Christmas.

Christmas Bells are nostalgic for many customers but  tend to be fairly pricey per stem as they are a restricted crop. They naturally grow in many low lying areas within National Park areas, however it is an offence to pick them. For that reason, they should be purchased from only reputable suppliers; the bunches are generally tagged to certify that they have been grown independently.

x mas 3

They are the kind of fresh cut flower that many hold close to their heart, and as a general rule, we can never get our hands on enough Christmas Bush. At its best, the Christmas Bush is red and vibrant. Did you know that they begin as a white bract and that the actual flower is quite insignificant? The bract then changes from white to a more peachy, orange tone, before becoming red.  It is a pretty temperamental crop, and given too much rain, strong winds or too little rain for that matter, can wipe it out. Some suppliers will be forced to pick crops early, resulting in peachy toned Christmas Bush, or even White.

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A gorgeous alternative to traditional choices like Christmas Bush, is the vibrant red flowering Eucalyptus. These little explosions of colour are like mini fireworks. This native flower is endemic to Western Australia however grows well throughout New South Wales. They can be a little messy, but let’s face it- the best things in life tend to be a tad messy 😜

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Poinsettia are a favourite at Christmas time as they make a gorgeous gift, but they are also an amazingly simple, and cost effective table centrepiece. If you are short on space, or tight on cash, a single Poinsettia set in the centre of your table is a fantastic alternative to more costly arrangements. Plus, for all you green thumbs out there, plant them in the garden and enjoy the beauty again and again. There are several varieties of Poinsettias available these days- in white, cream, soft pink, verigated pinks, strong pinks, corals and everything in between.

x mas 6


Often the ritual of getting ready for Christmas is influenced by the happy memories of your own childhood, or the wishes you had as a child. It encompasses all the things you love, you enjoy, and the things you are passionate about.

What are the ingredients for your perfect Christmas? I hope the lists are written and you are starting to cross things off because…..there is ONLY 11 sleeps to go!

Fwf x

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Christmas Tree Decorating that Breaks the Internet

If you, like me, like a good ‘theme’ to things, then Christmas is probably no different. I must confess though, in my current stage of life (3 kids under 5) over the last few years I have stuck with the same theme out of a combination of laziness and practicality. Despite the burning desire to change the colours, I have resisted, telling myself that this year is probably the last year that I will have to decorate a non traditional tree.

Over the last five years I have done what most families do; that is, either choose to have a non traditional Christmas tree decoration, OR, for the traditionalists, erect a fence-like structure around the parameter of your Christmas tree.

I have created a hanging wooden tree, made from various lengths of wooden slats, hung together to create a triangular Christmas tree silhouette and this has appeased me both practically as well as aesthetically. This  hangs in an alcove at the entrance of our home, away from little hands that seem absolutely determined to pull everything out and down, only to throw it all on the floor….for me to stand on.


Like many other cash savvy mums out there I keep my eye on decorator ideas from many of the big retailers. And I have to say, non rival what Kmart have on offer.

Mums from all over the country post pictures of their trees sourcing wisdom from the crowd for their decorating dilemmas. Others post pictures for others to take inspiration from, and of course to garner the envy and appreciation that only social media ‘likes’ and comments can give you.

The one that really seemed to impress  this year was Tammy Sims’ black Christmas tree dressed head to toe in a slowly changing rainbow. Using a combination of store bought decorations as well as D.I.Y baubles that she glued and glittered herself, she was able to create a truly eye catching, creative tree.

Tammy Sims' Rainbow Christmas Tree

xmas tree 2

xmas tree 3

xmas tree 4
Images via Kmart Mums of Australia Facebook Page

The South Australia mum of three has scored over 6.1K ‘likes’ on the Kmart Mums of Australia’s Facebook page with her creation inspired by the ‘Yes’ vote.

“It seemed appropriate in celebration of the yes vote,” she explained.

Not everyone puts as much thought and consideration into the theme they will use to decorate their Christmas tree. Depending on your family, perhaps you have a box of precious baubles that have special memories attached to them, and they are lovingly hung each and every year.

Or perhaps you prefer less of the clutter that tends to comes with Christmas? If that sounds like you, then Kmart has another option that might fit the bill.

It’s not a fresh Christmas tree. It’s not even green. But Kmart’s stacking Christmas tree is both space saving and chic.

Part of the appeal of the Stacking tree is it’s neutral colour palette and simple Scandi style, however many creative people out there have used the shelf style tree pieces to create colourful compositions to suit their themes for the year.

Jacqueline Bertucci's metallic tree hack
Jacqueline Bertucci’s metallic tree hack
Sam Dawson decided to steer clear of glitzy baubles and instead created a neutral colour palette with light and texture
Sam Dawson decided to steer clear of glitzy baubles and instead created a neutral colour palette with light and texture
Louise Martin's take- with and without the lights illuminated.
Louise Martin’s take- with and without the lights illuminated.

So whether you choose to decorate a fresh or artificial tree, fill a vase with dried branches, or can decorate your home with festive fresh flowers you have endless opportunities to extend yourself creatively….and, if all else fails, know that we do it for you! Check out our Christmas range for inspiration!

Fwf x

Featured image; by Sofia Katariina 

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