Valentines Day Messages- Unique Ways to Say Three Little Words


Whether you are looking for a lil love this Valentines day or perhaps looking for a unique way to show your romantic side we have some gorgeous gift ideas for you.
We know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd when every man and his dog are in the Valentine’s day spirit, but we are one Sydney florist that prides itself on offering alternatives outside of the (long stemmed rose) box.
And whilst “I love you” are often the three little words that are spoken/whispered/screamed from mountain tops over Valentines Day, they are not exclusive. There are many three little word combinations we all long to hear, so why not choose an appropriate sentiment, and unique fresh flowers to match. So now all that is left, is to work out what you want to say, right?  Give him/her a message loud and clear without uttering a single syllable.


Love Potion 1

“Under Your Spell”
Intoxicatingly fragrant and in the most beautiful plum mauve tone, Love Potion roses are the perfect way to tell them you are under their spell.
For many, roses remain an old fashioned favourite, hard to topple off from their pedestal of being the go-to romance flower, but for many more, they are disappointed to find that today’s roses are no longer fragrant. Garden roses offer the perfect solution as they have a heady fragrance that is unforgettable, and whilst they tick the box for roses, they are only available in shorter stems, making the arrangement more compact. Keep them by themselves with Andromeda around the perimeter in a vase, or mix them with pastel green, and purple mixed flowers for a garden delight posy.


love lies bleeding crimson

“Nothing Without You”
Looking for a dramatic way of telling your lover how lost you are without them? How about an arrangement featuring Amaranthus Caudatus, a deep crimson red rope like tassel. It is an incredibly dramatic flower, ideal for Avant Garde style arrangements,
The ‘tassel flower’ is an unusual, eye catching flower that provides interesting texture. It is ideal to use around the perimeter of a bouquet or at the front of a tall flat backed arrangement, drawing the eye down and through the composition of the piece.
Try teaming it with other rich romantic reds, deep pinks and chocolate tones for something especially dramatic and luxurious.




“You Intrigue Me”
Nigella Damascena has a ferny, almost fennel like foliage that forms gently around the blooms, creating a soft mask or mist. The “peekaboo” blooms start off as interesting puffs, open into rich blue toned, flower  and then change into equally attractive seed pods. They are an old fashioned annual flower best suited to posies with an English Garden feel. They are not a dramatic bloom, but they are an interesting choice; perfect to tell someone that they are mysterious and intriguing….that they keep you guessing what is coming next.



“Let’s Geddit On”
Want a cheeky way to tell the object of your affection what you are hoping your Valentine’s Day evening might look like? The Naked Lady, or Amaryllis Belladonna, is a small bulb flower that is born from an initially leafless plant, the leaves usually form the following season. They are gorgeous alone in a vase, but can be teamed with other blooms in complementary colours.



“You Sexy Thang”
The gorgeous tropical hanging Heliconia chartacea, also known as Sexy Pinks, could very well be the way you may like to go. It certainly isn’t declaring your unconditional eternal love, but it is just as telling. Plus, with Valentines Day falls in the heat of summer in Australia, so by choosing a tropical flower you will have an extended vase life.

There you have it, 5 unique ways to tell someone how you feel! Of course we have an extensive range of red rose arrangements too, that you can check out here.

With just over two weeks to go, we always recommend that you get in early with your orders for Sydney delivery to avoid disappointment.

Til next time lovers,

Fwf x


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Alternatives to Flowers for Valentine’s Day? Who needs that!

Look around and you will see advertising for Valentine’s Day popping up everywhere. But when you look a little closer you may notice that some non- flower related businesses focus their efforts on ripping us down through their advertising in an attempt to prop themselves up. I don’t know about you, but I remember my parents always telling me that you really had to wonder about a person who had to make you feel bad in order to feel better about themselves, and in this case, I don’t think it is any different.

In an attempt to sell alternatives, some are stooping to putting up posters with wilted flowers. The message? Don’t buy flowers, they die….buy this instead… What I can’t wrap my head around is that surely no-one in their right mind expects flowers to last indefinitely, right?? Especially given that Valentine’s Day in Australia sits smack bang in the middle of the hottest month of Summer, subjected to heinously hot days, and balmy nights. For me, there is something beautifully romantic and almost a tad old fashioned (in a good way) about receiving a floral Valentine’s gift. It reminds us that life, and love, like all things in nature are beautiful, but fleeting. That you must enjoy these things, while they last.


Traditionally Valentines Day was a day in the year where you showered the object of your affection with gifts, particularly flowers and chocolates. These days, it seems everyone has a claim! Massages, hair vouchers, jewelry, a dinner date, lingerie, candles, champagne…the list goes on. Sure, it can be costly if you want to do it all, but you certainly don’t have to….and for many, Valentine’s day provides a special magical ‘unicorn’ of a day, where they can be somewhat different from the usual, providing an excuse for an ordinarily un-romantic person  to show a softer side. Perhaps this is the one day in the year where he/she decides to go all out and show you just how much you mean?!

I say why not hope for it all? Why can’t we be wined and dined and showered with all sorts of gifts? After all, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen everyday.


Being florists, our gift range focuses on floral gift ideas of course. Red roses are still considered the most popular choice, simply because they have always been associated with passionate long lasting love. However, if you are looking at making your gift a little more unique, we offer roses in a variety of colours as well as being able to create personalised selections of flowers for someone who likes something a little different. You can check out a selection of what we can do here.

We’ll have some more ideas coming in the next few weeks before the day arrives so you’ll have plenty of time to plan your gift ideas!

Fwf x





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Twin Tones- Introducing Serenity and Rose Quartz

Image: Pantone

Pantone has introduced dual colours of the year for 2016, but you could be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of birth announcement for newly arrived twins…..a girl and a boy, no less.

Image: Buy Modern Baby

The chosen colours, ‘Rose Quartz’, a warm embracing rosey pink, along with ‘Serenity’, a cooler, tranquil blue, strike a fine balance and the pairing brings calm and relaxation. Believe it or not but this is the first year that Pantone has not chosen a singular colour tone and this years colours provide an refreshing change of pace from the rich Autumnal tone of last years Marsala, and the vibrancy of the colour choices for approximately 5 years proceeding that.



At a time where the world seems to be paying less attention to gender roles and stereotypes, with more androgynous high fashion models gracing the catwalk, and Bruce Jenner openly transitioning to become a woman, perhaps Pantone felt it a fitting time to reinvigorate these two colours, pushing the boundaries of their uses. Home furnishings that have a place outside of the nursery,  pastel toned chalk paints, make up and nail varnish lines have all already seen an increase in their popularity and applications.

In terms of flowers, soft blush pink tones are always at the height of popularity. They are a classic bridal choice, soft and feminine. Blue flowers are not as readily available; many tones sit closer to a mauve or purple than a blue, or unfortunately have been artificially dyed to achieve a true blue, however within the small selection of dusty blue toned blooms there are some stellar choices.  We have compiled a selection of some of your choices below which fit the Pantone Colour palette for the year. Here we hope to give you some inspiration on how you can incorporate this years colours into your world, whether you have an upcoming wedding, or you are redecorating, or you simply want to update your wardrobe.

Walking past the shop windows, I can see Pantone’s influence has spread far and wide. I tried to point out the display of shirts in the window of Jeanswest to my husband suggesting he might like to try a new colour (read: Pink). His response? He just rolled his eyes. I think it may be a little harder to convince the men in our lives that a soft rosy pink needs to be worn or featured in our homes this year. They will be less defensive to the blue of course, but hey, it’s worth a try 😉

Til next time,

Fwf x

pantone 2016
Top (L-R) Astible, Ranuncula, Dahlia, Hydrangea, Veronica. Bottom (L-R): Rose, Blushing Bride, Peony, Delphinium, Grape Hyacinth.
Bouquet: Petals by the Shore. Image: 100 Layer Cake
Image: Deer Pearl Flowers
Image: Setting For Four
Image: Fashion Inspo
I love how well Rose Quartz works with copper toned accessories. Image: Brabbu

Image: House of Turqoise


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My One and Only Resolution? Have a Cracker of a Year!!!

Happy New Year folks!

After a chaotic Christmas period and just a few public holidays to recover, we have entered the New Year reinvigorated and ready to serve!

Like most, I have spent some time over the holidays enjoying my family and reflecting on the year that has gone; all the wonderful memories that have been made and the opportunities I have been afforded. But unlike the vast majority of people out there according to Neilsen, I don’t do New Years resolutions…..do you?

Don’t get me wrong, I think any reinvigorated energy or motivation to do something should be encouraged, and I hate it when I see people delight in pulling others (and their goals) down. It’s just that I find my motivation comes more spontaneously, and that I have more success in following my own instincts rather than trying to force it on to a particular time of year. And whilst I do not start the year with resolutions, I like a fresh start, and a blank calendar as much as the next person!
images (7)

The cynic in me thinks that the vast majority of these plans will fail or be forgotten early on in the year. Many of those new gym memberships will remain unused, we’ll get half way through the cleanse/detox before hoovering an upsized value meal in the car in secret, and that savings plan will get off to a flying start, but we’ll probably have to dip into it by the end of the month. And that is because I could never really stick to the resolutions I forced upon myself at the start of the year but I salute all that continue to try. Life is too short to beat up on yourself for trying something, even if you fail on some level….dust yourself off and try again.

Young woman running, Sweden.
Image: Tumbler

Now, you don’t have to be a statistician to take a guess at some of the most popular resolutions. Ideals like ‘Getting in Shape’, or ‘Losing weight’ quickly spring to mind. But what about ‘Enrol in a new course’ or ‘Find dream Job’?

Neilsen published these top 10 resolutions for 2015 and something tells me that many of these ideals will pop up on peoples lists everywhere again this year, and for many years to come for that matter.


Stay fit and healthy 37%
Lose weight 32%
Enjoy life to the fullest 28%
Spend less, save more 25%
Spend more time with family and friends 19%
Get organized 18%
Will not make any resolutions 16%
Learn something new/new hobby 14%
Travel more 14%
Read more 12%
Source: Nielsen
Spending time with family and friends still ranks well on people’s to do list. Image: I heart intelligence

Have you made any resolutions or are you in the approximately 20% of us who make no resolutions at all?

Florist With Flowers always strives to serve our customers to the best of our ability, and 2016 is no different. After being nominated for the local Business awards last year we missed out on the coveted title, but we will try again! We thank all our customers for their patronage and your loyalty, and for your nominations. Each and every wedding that is entrusted to us will be handled with the utmost care and consideration to make sure that we help create your dream day. Corporate functions or event flowers, special occasion orders, or even your flowers for the house will be lovingly created again in 2016.

So whilst i am not in the business of making resolutions, I am happy to make one, I’m making 2016 a cracker of a year!

Looking forward to another fun filled, challenging and creative year,

Fwf x

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