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12 Ways to Christmas ~ DIY Craft for the Festive Season – PART III

The COUNTDOWN is certainly on! Christmas is getting closer, and by now your house looks beautifully dressed, your gifts are bought and wrapped and they are sitting untouched underneath your beautiful paper or wooden tree! Right?

So now comes the mad dash to the grocery shop with a shopping list more fitting to feed a small nation or buying supplies for Armeggedon than entertaining the family and having supplies the two days that the shops are actually closed for……Or is that just me?

In our final installment of D.I.Y Crafts for the festive Season we are focusing on eye catching, ways to turn your table into a festive feast. Everything here looks good enough to eat, and you can! Isn’t that the best part of Christmas afterall?  I encourage you all more than ever before to give these ones a go, or at least taste test them before putting them on for your guests! There is more incentive in it than just eating and drinking yourself merry too. Remember we have $200 worth of FLOWERS with Florist With Flowers up for grabs for all you crafty critters! Be inspired by our blog, create a Christmas masterpiece, post it to our facebook wall, or tag us (@floristwithflowers) on Instagram and you will be in the running! The image that receives the most likes in total will win a $200 credit with Florist With Flowers (for delivery within SYDNEY ONLY) so get your friends involved, invite them to like our page, follow us and vote for your creations to increase your chances!!!

9. Finger foods

Creative Christmas Treats - Kiddology. OMG there are literally hundreds of holiday treat ideas on this pi! Love them all ❤️
This fun and tasty wreath of wrapped frankfurts was found on
A great healthy snack that still has the holiday spirit for your ugly christmas sweater party!
Clean and Scentsible have a great little idea here with their Grinch fruit kebabs. How cute!

Fingerfoods are a great way to kick off celebrations and keep things less formal whilst guests mingle. Both these ideas are great for everyone including the kids, so they are an ideal treat to take to the office, a party, kindy or playgroup Christmas get together.

10. Cheese platter starter or finale

Saw this somewhere on FB . Sorry can't remember who posted it. Great idea! Fun for Christmas.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this festive feature of vegetables, fruits and cheeses that can be adapted depending on your guests tastes that we found on Fitzness’ blog.

In my single days, my idea of a good time was a wedge (or two!) of triple cream Brie and a bottle of wine. It needn’t be a special occasion, it could be a Wednesday, (in fact it usually was as that was my day off) and you would’ve found me sitting out the front of a friends place watching the world go by slowly but surely devouring too.much.cheese… this platter well, it speaks to me.

Undeniably, cheese is a great way to start or finish a party. The versatility of this concept is fantastic as the display can be altered to suit your guest’s desires: dried fruit, fresh fruit, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, flavoured cream cheeses, even nuts. The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to include fresh herbs or edible fresh flowers like roses or nasturtiums too! (Just make sure they haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals!!)

I love the attention to detail in the way the top cheese wedge has been thoughtfully cut into a star to top the tree. Get creative….and enjoy the off cuts while you are at it!

 11. Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes - Your Cup of Cake

26 DIY Christmas Treats Anyone Can Make!

Wreath Cupcakes - frosting, "Fruit by the Foot" bows and mini M&M's...Too cute! Wish I saw this before I decorated the cupcakes I made tonight!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I feel silly singing carols about snow, or buying Christmas paraphernalia with snowmen, or pretending that eating turkey is a Christmas tradition here in Australia. Our ‘normal’ is cozzies under sun dresses or shorts, BBQ meat, or seafood, salads and ice cold beverages. Likewise, we aren’t tucking into pudding and although I have many friends that do, I’m thinking a trifle is the more likely dessert to be perched on our Christmas table, along with a selection of cupcakes.

The beauty of cupcakes is that they are portion controlled, come in their own wrapper (and therefore a plate is optional), and of course, they look AMAZING! We’ve included a few ideas here but don’t stop there. I’m thinking SANTA CUPCAKES; a red velvet cupcake, with butter cream icing, a large strawberry sitting upside down on top and a touch of butter cream on the very top. Add as many or as few details as you like. Show us your creations on our facebook page or tag us (@floristwithflowers) on Instagram

12. The Christmas Tree Centrepiece

#DIY this is perfect for a dessert table at Christmas! #Christmas #ideas

Every table needs a centrepiece, so why not have one you can eat? I love this fresh fruit conical display which features the seasons best, but don’t be limited to just this. I’m thinking a true crowd pleaser would involve CHOC DIPPED strawberries…..drool

So that is it from us this season. REMEMBER you still have a few days to get your entries in for a chance to WIN $200 worth of fresh flowers.

Best wishes for the rest of the festive season. May you have a full tummy, a brimming glass, a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a hopeful, prosperous start to the New Year. We thank you all for your support this year and look forward to servicing you again in 2015.

Fwf x






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