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10 Things you don’t know about Florists PART 2

Continuing on from last week’s revelations about your local florist, this week we look at 5 more tantalising tid bits. Some of these ones are sure to surprise you, but hopefully I am able to adequately articulate the reasons why this is the way it is….for the majority at least.


6. We will under quote for a job we really want

Building your portfolio is important in any creative profession, and florists are no different. If we discuss a concept with you for an upcoming event that really interests us, or is just what we need for our body of work, we may under quote in a hope to secure it. Florists, like any design professional have to give you the confidence in their work, and their ability to fulfill your design requirements. And unlike an interior designer, or stylist where you can see the bits and pieces slowly coming together and where you can also exchange items that are not quite right, the difficulty with floristry is;

a) you are working with a fresh product, so if you have it wrong, that is a cost.

b) the ‘job’ is likely to be a one off event, where you do not have the luxury of time to ‘fix’ it or a ‘re-do’.


7. We WILL NOT wrap someone else’s flowers for you

We are not trying to be rude, or difficult. Buy whatever you want from wherever you want, BUT stand by your choice. Do not ask an industry professional to make your choice appear more exclusive, expensive, a better quality or beautifully presented. It is what it is.

If you value a florist in your local community, support them and what they do. Every purchase that is made at a fruit shop, petrol station, corner shop or supermarket, slowly kills our industry.


8. We hate dyed flowers

Whilst we humour you when you come into the shop and agree that the blue singapore orchids are absolutely amazing, generally florists are mortified with the amount of stock that is available in the market these days, dyed.

And yet, the general public do seem fascinated by it, so it would be utterly pig headed  to overlook the market and the opportunities it brings. We don’t have to all like the same things in life…..that’s what makes it interesting 😉

There is some evidence that once a systemic dye is introduced, the flower’s vase life is extended. And let’s face it, for the consumer, that is definitely a plus.


9. We Appreciate Loyalty

Nothing says happy customer like a familiar face waltzing into your shop week after week. Similarly, it is such a compliment and indication of our success in delivery, when you bring friends and family in for their special orders and events. A florist works with you on some of the happiest and saddest moments in your life, and it touches us when you ask us to look after another wedding, or christening, baby shower, birthday party, engagement, or a special farewell to a beloved family member. These things do not go unnoticed, and rest assured we put immense pressure on ourselves to get it right.



10. We Don’t Play with Flowers

Despite how beautiful and creative the environment seems, floristry is dirty work. It is also back breaking work. Floristry requires a  fitness level and stamina that surprises new trainees. The days on your feet are long, your hands cramp from what seems like endless wiring work, and little or no food at times.

It is a beautiful career to express yourself creatively, and I don’t want you to think I have a string quartet sitting on my right shoulder accompanying me while I write this blog, I love what I do….

But perhaps after a few long weeks after Chinese New Year and then Valentines day I have realised that people generally don’t understand what we do, and what it takes to succeed, scrap that, survive in this industry. Florist with Flowers is continually striving to serve our customers, and we sincerely appreciate your loyalty. Spread the word!

Fwf x

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